Many interviews for business roles involve the common behavioral questions (“Tell me about yourself” and “Tell me about a time when…”). However, many companies employ other interview techniques that require additional training. Check out a source like Glassdoor, found in the in the Resource Library on Handshake, to learn more about the particular interview questions you may get asked.

Below are resources for two specific types of interviews: the case interview and the technical interview. 

The Case Interview

If you are applying to a firm that uses the case method (commonly used in consulting), keep in mind that general rule of thumb is that it takes about 100 hours of preparation to be ready for the case interview process. Start with Case In Point. After getting an understanding of the approach and key elements of a case, the best way to prepare is to practice, out load. Practice with fellow students or friends who are interested in consulting or even family members. Also come to the Gordon Career Center for a mock case interview with our Business Career Advisor, Anne Laskowski.  

The Technical Interview

The field of finance includes many areas such as investment banking, sales & trading, and asset management to name a few. Each area requires different skill sets, but a lot of them will have a technical component to the interview, where you will get questions like “walk me through a DCF”, “pitch me a stock”, and in almost all, “what are the top stories in the market.”

As a liberal arts student, there will be more leg work needed to prepare for these interviews.
  • Key Resources to Help You Prepare for Your Technical Interview

    Wall Street Prep - conducts on-campus financial modeling and finance interview prep boot camps at top undergraduate and MBA programs around the world. Their boot camps are direct adaptations of the training they conduct at some of the biggest investment banks, private equity, and financial institutions around the world. Students learn to build financial and valuation models using real case studies, employing the same tools and methodologies they would on the job. Upon course completion, students receive high-quality materials and access to resources that enable them to revisit concepts as they prepare for interviews, internships, and full-time positions. This course is offered as a two day boot camp during Winter on Wyllys.

    News and Career Prep Resources:

    Excel - Excel questions may not be part of the interview, however, it will be helpful to start a finance internship or fulltime position with some familiarity of Excel. Wesleyan University offers an Excel course through the Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC151). If you are not able to take the course, you also have the option of picking up a few tips on your own using, a site that has a number of training videos to teach you Excel shortcuts. Wesleyan students have free, unlimited access to to Lynda through your ePortfolio.