The Career Development Grant

The Career Development Grant allows students to apply for funding to offset the costs associated with career exploration, including:

  • Travel expenses (eg. transportation, food) related to career development activities, including but not limited to WEShadow placements, consortium events such as the Eastern College Career Day, and job/internship/graduate school interview costs not reimbursed by the interviewing organization;
  • Interview attire such as suits, dress shoes, ties, and professional bags; 
  • Fees related to professional conferences not reimbursable by academic departments;
  • Graduate entrance exam fees (eg. LSAT, MCAT);
  • Campus-sponsored career programs for which a fee is assessed, such as Wall Street Prep.

The Career Development Grant may not be used for:

  • Test prep courses; 
  • Outside educational programming and/or coursework not sponsored by Wesleyan University; 
  • Credit-bearing coursework offered at Wesleyan University;
  • Income while undertaking a low or unpaid internship. (Students in need of internship funding should apply for a Wesleyan Grant or Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant.)

The Career Development Grant is available on a need-aware basis. While students may apply to the fund more than once, individual students are limited to $500 in total awards over their time at Wesleyan. 

The process is as follows:

  1. Students fill out a confidential application, which includes an anticipated budget. 
  2. The Gordon Career Center reviews applications and verifies each applicant's need level with the Office of Financial Aid. 
  3. Applications will be accepted until the allotment for that fiscal year is exhausted. 
  4. Once approved, funds are transferred to students via direct deposit, which must be set up with Wesleyan in advance. Students who have not yet set up direct deposit may do so by completing the Authorization Agreement for Payroll Direct Deposit Form and returning it to the Payroll Office. As these funds could be 1099 reportable, we recommend that students consult with a tax advisor on how to treat and report this grant for tax purposes. 
  5. Students must submit their signed Career Development Agreement within 90 days of receiving the award via direct deposit, or by the end of the academic year (whichever is sooner). 

Students should allow up to six weeks for receipt of funds from the time they submit their application. 

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Santaniello,, or Jessica Fowler,