If you are an international student and you hope to go into medicine, it is important for you to know that international applicants (those without US citizenship or Permanent Resident status) have a difficult time gaining admission to US medical schools. Most state-supported US medical schools will not consider applications from international students. Those private US medical schools that will consider your application may require that funding sufficient to cover tuition and fees (for at least one year and sometimes up to four years) be placed in an escrow bank account before matriculation. The cost of attending a private US medical school is substantial ($30,000 or more per year) and scholarship and fellowship assistance to medical students is very limited. Most US citizens and permanent residents attend medical school using loans underwritten by the US government. International applicants are not eligible for these kinds of loans and must seek alternative funding from private sources. Please keep this information in mind as you make your decision about whether to enroll in a US undergraduate college or university.

For more information, please contact Wesleyan's Health Professions Advisor, Mildred Rodriguez, 860-685-2180, mrodriguez01@wesleyan.edu