Internship Course Enrollment

Wesleyan has established a credit/uncredit internship course, CSPL 493, for students to receive .25 credit upon successful completion of an internship--whether paid or unpaid. To receive credit, students must satisfy the requirements of the internship and meet Wesleyan’s specific learning requirements.

If you have any questions, please email

Please note if a deadline falls on the weekend, enrollment will close the following Monday. For inquiries related to late enrollment, students should contact their class dean.

FALL October 1
WINTER December 15
SPRING February 1
SUMMER  June 1
  • Overview of Process & Initiating Enrollment

    The CSPL 493 internship course enrollment forms can be found and completed on Handshake under Career Center > Experiences > CSPL 493 Enrollment

    The enrollment process includes the following two forms: 

    1. Student Enrollment Form (completed & submitted by the student) 
    2. Internship Description Form (sent by course administrator & completed by the internship supervisor)
  • Course Requirements & Assignments

    Students complete 
    short assignments and a final reflective essay throughout the internship to enhance students' knowledge base and skills connected to their internship experience. It is helpful for participants to reflect on their experience throughout the internship and to have a record of work experience, lessons learned, and progress made in understanding professional, personal and academic goals. The student's supervisor must also submit a completion form confirming that the student completed their internship. 

    CSPL 493 is based on CR/U. Students must complete and submit all assignments. Failure to complete all assignments/course requirements will result in a U for the course. Email to preview the course syllabus.

    Internship supervisors must complete and submit the CSPL 493 Internship Course: Internship Completion Form. This form is sent by the course administrator to the supervisor to complete. 
    Once all forms and assignments have been completed and course requirements have been met by the semester deadline, credit will then be processed for CSPL 493.

    Please click here for information about tuition, eligibility, and internship requirements. 

    Note: There may be instances where what you discuss in your final essay will prompt further action -- such as in cases of workplace harassment. Faculty and staff will reach out to appropriate partners on campus to ensure student safety and privacy. Contact Wesleyan's Office of Equity and Inclusion for students experiencing harassment in the workplace as well as the Human Resources department at your internship location. Students dealing with personal (emotional, mental health) challenges are strongly urged to contact CAPS.

  • Resources & Best Practices

    There are many resources across campus to support students preparing for internships. Learn how the Gordon Career Center can support your career endeavors here.

    • Career Advising: One-on-one advising appointments with Peer Career Advisors and Professional Career Advisors can be requested online on Handshake (under "Career Center"), or in-person or via phone 860-685-2180 during business hours. 
    • Resumes & Cover Letters: The Gordon Career Center's Resume Writing Guide and Cover Letter Writing Guide are available in the "Resources" section on Handshake. Note that Wesleyan students are required to have their resume approved by a career advisor in order to apply for positions on Handshake. Appointments to help students write, review, and edit professional resumes, cover letters and other career-related documents are available M-Fr during business hours. 
    • Job & Internship Search Resources: Wesleyan's career management platform, Handshake, offers thousands of full-time job and internship opportunities for students to apply to. iOS users can download Handshake's Jobs and Careers app to discover, favorite, and apply to jobs and internships on the go. Handshake also houses other job & internship search resources such as Vault, GoinGlobal, Glassdoor for students, and more. Students must log-in to Handshake with their email address to access these resources. 
    • Funding opportunities for unpaid and low-paid internships are available through the Wesleyan Summer Grants program and the Center's Career Development Grant allows students to apply for funding to offset the costs associated with career exploration related expenses. 

    Internship Expectations

    • Comply with confidentiality rules in force at the internship site.
    • Observe all policies and procedures stipulated by the employer.
    • Regular attendance and compliance with all job requirements are essential.
    • Ideally, confer weekly with your supervisor to receive guidance on your assignments, feedback on your performance, and explanations of the organization’s mission, objectives, methods, and operations.