Internship Course Policies CSPL 493

Wesleyan University can not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by external employers. Students should conduct their own due diligence when evaluating opportunities and report any inaccuracies and concerns about applying to the Gordon Career Center. The University is not responsible for safety, compensation, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment. 

The following policies have been adopted by the Educational Policy Committee:

There is no cost for students participating in internship course CSPL493. Upon successful completion, students will earn .25 credit.

Students should follow the course enrollment process.

Students on probation are not eligible for internship credit.

Students may participate in the internship course, CSPL 493, up to two times for credit. If you plan to intern for a second time with the same organization and wish to receive academic credit for the experience, your final reflective essay must document the ways in which the second internship entails responsibilities or assignments that differ significantly from those of the first internship. Please note that there may be instances where the content of your final reflective essay will prompt staff to take further action. For example, in the case of workplace harassment, faculty and staff will reach out to appropriate partners on campus to ensure student safety and privacy.

Students that intern at Wesleyan University cannot both be paid and receive credit. This is similar to Wesleyan University's policies related to Course Assistants and Teaching Apprentices. 

The minimum number of hours for an internship credit is 40 hours. There is no maximum; it is up to the intern to determine how many work hours are reasonable for your schedule.

Students wishing to withdraw from the internship course, CSPL 493, without having a “W” appear on your transcript must inform the Gordon Career Center ( within 10 days of the start date of the internship indicated on the Description Form.

If the student drops the internship later, if the internship fails to materialize, or if it terminates for any other reason, the Gordon Career Center must be notified immediately of the circumstances. Otherwise, the student may receive a U for the course.

Students are permitted to earn .25 internship credit during the summer between their BA and MA careers. This is permitted so long as the following conditions are met:

  • The student will be enrolled as NRS-Internship for Summer 2016 as a non-degree graduate student
  • The student’s MA graduate admit term will be Fall 2016
  • The Summer 2016 .25 earned internship credit will appear on a separate Non-Degree Graduate student transcript.

Note: Example based on a student in the Class of 2016. The Summer 2016 .25 earned internship credit cannot count towards the BA degree, nor the MA degree.

For paid internships, students are compensated directly by the organization or company that they are working with by either a stipend or paycheck. For unpaid internships, there is the Wesleyan Summer Grants program along with additional funding resources across campus. 

Note: Various grants and funding may have specific parameters limiting eligibility based on subject area, financial need, academic merit and more. Many of these grants also have corresponding deadlines and required materials for submission. Furthermore, funding and grants are limited and therefore not guaranteed and are contingent upon application and review.