Law School Application Timeline 

The timeline below is meant to be a general guide to when you should research, prepare, and apply to law school. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Gordon Career Center's pre-law advisor, Jim Kubat, to discuss the law school application process in greater detail.

Junior Year or Two Years Prior to Law School Entry



  • Prepare for the LSAT (e.g. practice tests, self-study, prep course, tutor)
  • If you feel prepared, register for the June LSAT by early May


  • Take the LSAT in June
  • Begin drafting your personal statement and polishing your resume
  • Research, and if possible, visit law schools
  • Pay the fee for the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS)--your account will remain active for five years
  • Have your transcript sent to CAS

Senior Year or One Year Prior to Law School Entry


  • Meet with the Gordon Career Center's pre-law advisor
  • Solicit your references and meet with them to discuss your interest in law school
  • Write your personal statement and have it reviewed by the pre-law advisor 


  • Take or retake your LSAT (only if prepared)
  • Consider attending a LSAC Law School Forum if you did not attend in the spring
  • Complete and begin submitting applications by October into early November


  • Submit all applications by mid-November
  • Research sources of Financial Aid including completing the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Check with law schools to make sure your applications are complete


  • Have an updated transcript sent to CAS and law schools


  • Evaluate your offers--visit the schools, research the curriculum clinics, and practical training
  • Update the schools where you have been waitlisted of your GPA, honors, and additional activities
  • Some schools will require a disciplinary clearly, also known as a Dean's Certification Letter. When needed, provide the required form along with a stamped addressed envelope for each law school to: 

                  Wesleyan University
                  Dean of the College Office
                  Attn: Jill Mattus
                  North College 219, 237 High Street
                  Middletown, CT 06459