Law School Admissions Outcomes

The annual acceptance rate for Wesleyan seniors and alumni applying to law school is higher than the national average, which, for 2017-2018, was 73%. Over the last five years, acceptance rates at U.S. law schools for graduating seniors from Wesleyan have ranged from 92% to 100%. For four out of the past five years, the rate was 100% for seniors.  For post-graduation applicants, the five-year rate has ranged from 87% to 93%*. 

Each year, Wesleyan graduates attend the most respected law schools in the country. For the past two years, these schools included Berkeley, Boston College, University of Chicago, Columbia, Fordham, Georgetown, Harvard, University of Michigan, Northwestern, NYU, Penn, Stanford, UCLA, the University of Virginia, and Yale Law School.

* This information is based on data provided by the Law School Admissions Council. LSAC's data is based on those law school applicants who have released their application and admissions information to their school's pre-law advisor. This data may not reflect the actual admission outcomes.