FAQs & Tips


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many students receive the grant each year?
    This is a very competitive application process. The number of grant recipients varies depending on the funds available that year. In previous years approximately 40% of the total applicants received funding to participate in an experience. 
  • What if I haven't secured a summer opportunity by the grant application deadline?
    It is common for students to apply for a grant without having secured their summer opportunity. Your application will reflect the opportunity you are currently pursuing. If you are pursuing multiple opportunities, please choose only ONE opportunity to be reflected in your application. We recommend using your number one choice. If chosen for funding, you will have the ability to submit a revised application if your plans have changed and you have a different summer opportunity. All revisions will be reviewed before funding is determined. 
  • What is the Student Contribution section on the budget form?

    Wesleyan's Financial Aid Office will determine the student contribution for those students who are receiving need-based financial aid. Please review your financial aid package by logging in to SIMON via WesPortal. Select the current award year and choose awards. This will show your student contribution for 2020-2021. This year, student summer contributions were waived due to the pandemic. However, you should still have a dollar amount listed for what would have been anticipated. Please contact Financial Aid if you have any questions: finaid@wesleyan.edu

    The Committee would like this included in the budget to ease any financial requirements you may have over the summer.

  • How does the grant affect my taxes?
    Wesleyan University does not make any determination on the taxability of these awards.  Please consult your tax advisor to determine your tax status and liability.
  • What is a supervisor?
    The person whom you will be reporting to over the summer will be your supervisor. The application process requires you have a conversation with your potential supervisor in order to discuss duties and responsibilities of your potential role. If you are opting for an independent project or an academic experience with no specified supervisor, you need to find a faculty sponsor with whom to review your experience and discuss a timeline for work. If you are enrolling in an educational program, the associated contact with that program will be listed. If awarded, your supervisor will be required to complete and submit a form confirming your summer experience as well as a form confirming the completion of your summer experience. These are both a requirement for funding.
  • What if my summer experience is going to take place outside the United States? 

    Summer 2021 - Updated January 2021
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and university policies, the ability to fund opportunities that will require students to travel internationally where they are not currently a legal resident is on hold. Because this is an evolving situation, please check back for updates.

    Please register your travel with the Office of Study Abroad prior to your departure. The Office of Study Abroad can also help you with information about your destination, health and safety, budgeting, etc., so feel free to contact them with these questions as you are applying. 

How to Develop a Great Application

Your resume must be approved on Handshake by the Gordon Career Center before you can apply for a summer grant. Please note that once you upload your resume to Handshake it will be reviewed, not necessarily approved, within 48 hours or 2 business days. Please plan accordingly and expect that your resume may not be approved the first time you upload it. It is strongly encouraged that you schedule a resume review appointment with a peer career advisor before you upload it to Handshake for the first time. 

All applicants are required to submit a budget sheet, detailing the funding request for your summer experience. As an applicant, it is your responsibility to research costs to help you estimate your budget lines and make sure your numbers add up to the correct totals. What do you anticipate needing funding for? Fill out the budget based on your summer experience. Remember, no two budgets will look the same. 

This part of the application process is not an academic statement. Your essays must be compelling; you need to persuade the Committee to fund your experience. They need to understand why this experience is important to you as an individual and how it relates to your career goals. Be thoughtful and detailed in your responses.

  1. Tell us about yourself and your goals for the future. (500 words maximum)
  2. Tell us about your summer plans. What opportunity are you pursuing, and what will your role and responsibilities be? How did you find or design this opportunity? Why do you want to pursue this particular summer experience, and how will it enhance your Wesleyan education? What will you gain from this experience, and how will it impact your career goals? (750 words maximum)

Click here to view rubric and make sure to check out the Wesleyan Summer Grants Budget Guide & Sample Essays

Quick Tips:
1. Plan ahead! The application requires that you do research on your opportunity in order to create a well written, convincing application. This is not something that can be put together the day before. 
2. The grant is to be used for career-related opportunities taking place in the summer only. 
3. Please describe only one opportunity in your application. If awarded and your plans change, you can submit a revision for review.
4. Make sure your essays convey your story and give the committee a good understanding of what you will be doing this summer and how it relates to your career goals.

If you are funded, you are expected to participate in the opportunity you described in your application. If - and only if - that opportunity falls through, you must use the Application Revision to request that the Committee fund a new opportunity. Only after the Committee has received and approved the new request and you and your sponsor have completed the Confirmation Forms, will you receive your funds. 

Need Help?

If you need help getting your resume approved, finding summer opportunities, or would like to review your application materials, please schedule a career advising or resume review/quick questions appointment with a staff member from the Gordon Career Center. Appointments can be scheduled online on Handshake, via phone 860-685-2180, or in-person during business hours. 

If you have any questions about your eligibility, requirements of a particular grant, or the application process, please contact Sarah McNamara, Associate Director for Employer Relations via email wseg@wesleyan.edu.