Wesleyan Summer Grants fund a variety of student experiences. Please see eligiblity/qualifications listed below.

Student Eligibility

  • All undergraduate students who are actively enrolled and have not previously received a Wesleyan Summer Grant are eligible to apply. Priority is given to rising juniors and seniors.
  • Students who are currently receiving need-based financial aid are considered first for funding for the majority of grants.
  • Students on leave during the Spring 2022 semester are not eligible to apply for or receive funding.

Experiences Eligible for Funding

  • Internships
  • Faculty-Mentored Research/Independent Research
  • Language Study
  • Volunteer Work
  • Field Study
  • Academic Program (cannot be Wesleyan University program/class)
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Independent Project

Experience Qualifications

  • Must be career-related: How is this related to your career goals?
  • At least 8 weeks long with a minimum of 240 total hours
    • Applicants can have more than one experience if needed to meet this requirement. If applying with multiple experiences, they must tie together (ie same industry/focus).
  • Take place during Summer 2022 (May - August)
  • Must have a supervisor/advisor overseeing your work
    • If you plan to do an independent project or research, an entrepreneurial venture, or anything that is not organized by an employer or program that has a designated supervisor, you will need to have a Wesleyan faculty member serve as your advisor for the summer.
    • Supervisors CANNOT be family members or current Wesleyan students.
  • Your experience DOES NOT have to be secured to apply