The purpose of funding through this program is to support students pursuing career-related opportunities over the summer.

Examples funding can be used for:

  • Living and personal expenses: rent/utilities, food, clothing, household items, medical needs
  • Travel expenses: plane tickets, subway/train/bus fares, gas mileage, rental car
  • Program expenses: housing, tuition, meal plan, books/supplies
  • Renting equipment and items: camera, car/bike, laptop, film equipment

Examples funding CANNOT be used for:

  • Purchasing personal tangible items (ie laptop, camera, car, bike, etc)
  • Paying yourself
  • Paying Wesleyan University tuition
  • Gym memberships


Funding is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Applications are reviewed to make sure all required materials have been included. If materials are missing (ie approved resume, budget) the application will be withdrawn and cannot be considered for funding.
  2. The committee reviews and scores all eligible applications using the rubric. They carefully look at the following within the essays:
    • The Experience Description 
    • The Student's Rationale
    • Enhancement of Wesleyan Education
    • The Connection to Career Goals
  3. Applicants are then selected for funding based on their score and if they meet the listed requirements for the grant(s) they applied to. Preference will be given to students receiving need-based financial aid for the majority of grants. Rising juniors and seniors are prioritized.

Receiving Your Grant & Revisions
If your proposal is selected to receive funding, you will be notified in early April of your funding amount and the necessary steps to receive your funding. At this time, you will have the ability to submit a revision if your plans have changed. In mid-May, after completing the necessary steps to confirm your funding, funds are transferred via direct deposit, which must be set up with Wesleyan in advance. Students who have not yet set up direct deposit may do so by completing the Authorization Agreement for Payroll Direct Deposit Form and returning it to the Payroll Office. This form can be found on WesPortal

As these funds could be 1099 reportable, we recommend that students consult with a tax advisor on how to treat and report this grant for tax purposes.