Application Deadline: March 1, 2020
Auditions: March 14, 2020 at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT 
Acceptance notification: April 3, 2020

There are two parts to the audition process: the Artistic Review and the Residential Interview.

For the Artistic Review, applicants will meet with a Lead Instructor from the concentration to which they are applying, and together they either review samples of the student's work or watch the student perform. For example, visual arts students will bring in 3-4 samples of their artwork for the instructor to review and discuss; musical theatre applicants will perform a monologue and a song; and musicians will perform their selections and perhaps be asked to improvise, etc.

For the Residential Interview, applicants will meet with a staff member (usually a ember of the residential team) to simply have a conversation about who they are, discuss their interests and activities, and to answer any applicant questions. There are no right or wrong answers in this process - we just want to take the time to get to know the student "off the page" and learn what they hope to gain from the CCY experience. 

All applicants are encouraged to attend the in-person audition at Wesleyan University for a broad experience of the campus, staff, and student community. Those unable to attend in-person are required to submit what is required electronically with their online application

Requirements and Preparation Exercises

Creative Writing

Please submit three pieces of your best writing (poems, short stories, or personal essays) when you submit your online application.  When you come to the "auditions" be prepared to read from and/or discuss your work, and bring paper and a pen. Submitted samples must arrive at least two (2) weeks prior to audition date.


Be prepared to play or sing either a piece of music or shorter excerpts from two or three, particularly if you are experienced in more than one style or perform on more than one instrument. If you write music and are interested in composition, please be prepared to perform an example or bring a portfolio of scores. Please bring your own music and instrument except for piano. Percussionists should bring their own sticks and guitarists/bassists should bring their own cables. We will provide a drum set, amplifier and music stand. Vocalists may bring piano music to be played by our accompanist if appropriate for the musical selection.

Musical Theater

Be prepared to present one song from any Musical Theater show and one monologue from any show or play. Both must be memorized. Students must bring sheet music with them. Please dress in clothes and shoes in which you can easily move.


Students should present either a single 2-minute or two 1-minute monologues from a play that is memorized. Pieces written by students or their friends are not acceptable. If you choose to do two, try to choose one of a dramatic nature and one of a comedic nature. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Visual Arts

Please bring a selection of up to 8 (4 from observation and 4 personal choices) examples of your work that best represents what you have done in the last two (2) years. Please bring your sketch book if you have one.

Spot Availability and Competitiveness

As each art form concentration can accommodate only a certain number of students each summer, the total number of applicants within that art form initially determines the level of competitiveness. The ratio of applicants to openings fluctuates somewhat annually, and with it the acceptance rates. CCY seriously considers maturity and artistic commitment in addition to talent level when making acceptance decisions. CCY accepts more students than it does not accept, generally about 70% of those who apply.

Late Applications

Please email the office at or call 860-685-3341 to confirm space availability. If space is available in your art form concentration, we will consider accepting a late application. Late applicants may apply online by submitting the required files with their application.We will continue to recruit and accept students until all disciplines are full, but rarely will have tuition assistance available for students applying past the deadline. Please call the office for details should you need to submit a late application.