Elective Intensives

Students have the choice of two different two-week elective intensives. Each student will increase understanding of the relationship of art specialties to other disciplines and the creative process among all the art forms in these classes. These will be shared in performances for community Share Days throughout the program. We strongly encourage students to move outside their main area of concentration for the elective classes and experiment with something outside of their “comfort zone!”

Below are classes previously offered: (all classes subject to change.)

Lyric Poetry in the Age of Instagram

One of poetry's best qualities is lyricism, the capacity to emote feelings in verse. Traditionally lyric poems were accompanied with instrumentation from the lyre, but in contemporary poetry, the music is derived from elements like rhythm, rhyme, and meter. These elements, along with imagery and figurative language, evoke a mood by providing valuable clues about a poem's tone and cadence. Social media apps like Instagram and Twitter have popularized lyric poetry and helped secure new audiences of readers and writers. Beyonce's album "Lemonade," uses poetic interludes to capture emotion between songs. But how do you strike a balance between the subtlety and spareness required of a lyric poem and writing authentically? Does writing for a social media audience tend to taint a poem's originality or artfulness? We'll explore several lyric poems during this unit and writers will have the opportunity to experiment with their own artistic creations. 

Musical Theater For Non-majors

Students will be introduced to basic principles of acting, vocal work, music, movement, and interpretation. We will apply these principles while studying various genres of this most American invention, musical theater, from the early 1940s through today. This course is for non-majors.

Photography for Non-majors

This course is an introduction to the art of photography for beginners. Learn to shoot on manual mode from now on to unleash your camera's potential and your artistic control! This action-packed class covers W/B, ISO, aperture (f-stop), and shutter speed, and how they work together under your control to get the artful shots that you want. This class is ideal for novice photographers looking to understand how a camera works, what the settings mean, and how to shoot artfully on manual mode.

Song Writing

Song Writing is intended for students who write songs or who have musical ideas they would like to turn into completed songs. We will stress creativity over formula, establishing a supportive environment where songwriters can work on their craft, collaborate with peers, and receive constructive feedback. Students will work together on daily assignments given by the teacher and then workshop the results with the whole class. There will also be opportunities for students to receive feedback on individual compositions. Each class session will also feature music analysis and discussion of musical terms. This class is founded on the idea that any creative person can be a songwriter. Basic instrumental or vocal skills are encouraged, but highly motivated non-musicians are also welcome. 

Stop Motion Animation

Students will learn about stop motion animation, and then write, create, and edit a collaborative stop motion film using Dragonframe software. This class will involve creative brainstorming, set and puppet fabrication, voice acting, music composition, video editing, and most of all focus, patience, and team work!

West African Drumming and Dance

This course is a non-stop, energetic exploration of the dynamic music, dance, song, and culture of West Africa. All students experience firsthand a non-Western way of musical expression in preparation for outdoor concerts. Appropriate for serious music, dance, and vocal students, as well as beginners from all arts areas!