Since the majority of the Center for Creative Youth program is predicated on the in-person curriculum and experience, and the community bonds forged while on campus, we have determined, after careful review, that the Center for Creative Youth program will not offer an online learning alternative this summer. CCY will be on hiatus for 2020.

We share in the disappointment felt by our students and staff. We were looking forward to working with the exceptional pool of talented young artists who applied from all over the world. We have every hope that we will be able to offer a robust program in 2021, and look forward to planning for future opportunities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. We hope you remain safe and in good spirits.

For more information: email ccy@wesleyan.edu or call Program Manager Lisa Foss at 860-685-3341. 

Student Life, Dorms and Facilities

Free time and Weekends

Students receive a balanced schedule of studying and supervised free time. Weekday classes only cover five hours per day, so free time is built in around each mealtime, at the beginning and end of each day, and on weekends. "Down time" is an important aspect of each day to provide students with rest and to give them the opportunity to reflect on what they have been learning during the program. Students participate in weekly leadership training and attend workshops, performances and films. Students may travel to professional venues in their art form. Each week there is a student–run "open-mic" nights, dances, and various meetings. Students will have evening access to computer labs and arts studios, as scheduled. Evening and weekends tend to have a few structured social events so that students may enjoy themselves and relax with new friends in an enjoyable, supervised environment.


Students have a curfew of 10:30 p.m. (Sunday - Friday) and 11:00 pm on Saturday. Curfew means you are on your hall, ready for hall meetings and quiet visiting with hallmates.

Living Arrangements

Male and female students reside in separate dormitory buildings. Male and female Residential Advisors live on each of the residence halls with students. Each student receives a key for his or her room as these are key-entry facilities, and use their personal student identification card (I.D. card) to gain access into each building. 

Living Accommodations

Students live in residence halls on the Wesleyan University campus. Students have access to a lounge area, share central bathroom facilities and reside in dormitory rooms containing beds, desks, desk chairs, closet space, dressers, and shelves. Linens are not provided, therefore students should be prepared to bring pillows, sheets and towels for personal use. Dorm rooms are not air-conditioned, so students are encouraged to bring small fans with them. There are no refrigerators in the rooms, however students may bring a small one of their own if desired. Handbooks with information on what to bring, travel, rules, etc. are mailed once students are accepted and confirmed.


Dorm rooms are either single, double or triple. Generally, most are singles. Students cannot pre-select a roommate. Roommates are assigned without racial, religious, or economic discrimination, and students are informed of their room assignment on the day of arrival. Students who come to the program with other students they know cannot request placement within the same dorm room. The Center for Creative Youth encourages students to meet and make new friends during the four-week residency, and students should know that they will have plenty of time each day to visit with friends during mealtimes, at structured social events, and during free time.


Students are responsible for their own laundry. Washers and dryers are located in the basements of the dormitories, and are operated with a student I.D. Each student is encouraged to put money on their I.D. card at Registration. We recommend $10.00 - $15.00 for the 4 weeks. 

Wesleyan Facilities

Students have access to the main University Library, including art and music collections, the computer labs, and certain recreational facilities such as the basketball and tennis courts, running tracks and playing fields with permission and supervision. The pool may be available on a limited schedule, and must be coordinated with CCY residential advisor supervision. Specific hours for utilizing the facilities are determined by the CCY staff and the Wesleyan University facility summer schedules.