Self Instructional Language Program (SILP)

Through the Self Instructional Language Program (SILP) students submit petitions to continue to study a language that is offered through the Less Commonly Taught Language Program, at an advanced level for which no courses are offered. Because funding for SILPs is limited, only a few petitions will be approved each semester. A petition is more likely to be approved if it supports further study of a language already in the curriculum and if multiple students want to enroll. A petition for a SILP to study a language not in the curriculum will be considered, but would not be approved in place of a petition for a SILP in a language that is already part of the curriculum.

Students whose petitions are approved study independently using texts and media materials. A native speaker of the language acts as a weekly tutor, and a qualified faculty member from another institution advises on the appropriate level of study and assesses the student's progress with oral and written examinations. First-year students may not undertake SILP study. A student may complete up to four semesters of language study through a SILP, however, only two SILP credits may be counted toward graduation.

The petition form is available here and further information about the program can be obtained from Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Director of Language Resources and Technology: The following are the deadlines: November 15 for the Spring semester and May 1 for the Fall semester.