Application Process and Timelines

In order to make the best use of fellowships and the application process, students and alumni interested in applying for one or more of the opportunities listed below are encouraged to follow these steps:

  • explore available opportunities on our website and/or in ViaTRM;
  • contact Fellowships well in advance - preferably several months before the campus deadline - to discuss which programs best fit your background and goals;  
  • complete a brief expression of interest in ViaTRM for each of the programs you're considering.

The preferred deadline to express interest in fellowships for the 2020-2021 application cycle has been postponed to June 15, 2020. Please note that this is *not* an absolute deadline but a preferred one, aimed to allow you sufficient time for advising, reflection, and revision to fully reflect your strengths in the application essays. You may express interest at any time; there's no need to email and ask if you can start the campus application process after this date. These expressions of interests are for FCGS use only and serve as a starting point for conversation. If you come to the process very late, we'll do our best to accommodate you, but you may not be able to receive much application advising because our advising calendar fills up quickly.

On the other hand, the campus deadlines to apply for a fellowship - listed in the table below - are absolute. These are the deadlines to submit all required materials to Fellowships at Wesleyan, usually through the foundation's or program's online portal.

Campus applications will be reviewed by a committee of Wesleyan faculty and staff, who will also interview applicants and decide who will be nominated for the national competition based on the fellowship program's selection criteria. Nominees will usually work with Fellowships and/or faculty advisors to further revise their materials before the national deadline. The number of candidates Wesleyan may nominate varies by fellowship program. Some programs allow only one nominee, while others encourage us to nominate all qualified candidates. 

Remember that we are here to support you at every stage of the application process! If you have questions, please schedule an advising appointment on our calendar.




DEADLINE in 2020

(subject to
slight change)

Schwarzman China

May 1

May 31

Knight Hennessy

Sept 15

Oct 14

Schwarzman US

Aug 30

Sept 26


Aug 30



Sept 6

Oct 13


Sept 5

Sept 30


Sept 5

Sept 25

Rhodes US

Sept 5

Oct 2


Aug 30

Nov 2


Oct 3

Nov 1


Oct 3

Oct 31



Open to Wes
in Fall 2021

Critical Language 

Oct 31

late Nov


Nov 7

early Feb


Nov 25

Feb 5

Gaither/Carnegie Jr.

Nov 25

Jan 15


Nov 25

Jan 31

St. Andrew’s

Nov 25

Dec 15


Jan 9

Feb 12


Jan 30

early March