Application Deadlines

Each of the fellowships supported through the Fries Center's Fellowships office requires some form of a campus-level application or nomination process before candidates progress on to the national or international level of the competition.

Campus Deadlines

We always encourage students to start their fellowship applications early, several months ahead of the campus deadlines. The campus deadlines to apply for a fellowship (listed in the table below) are final. These are the deadlines to submit all required materials, usually through your selected program's online portal.

The number of candidates Wesleyan may nominate varies by fellowship program. Some programs allow only one nominee, while others encourage us to nominate all qualified candidates. When you submit your application for the campus deadline, it is reviewed by Fellowships staff and/or by a Wesleyan fellowships review committee. In some cases, these committees will also interview applicants and decide who will be nominated for the national competition based on the fellowship program's selection criteria. Nominees will usually work with Fellowships and/or faculty advisors to further revise their materials before the national deadline.

National Deadlines

National deadlines are set by the foundations, state agencies, and other organizations that run fellowship/scholarship competitions at the national and international level. Deadlines in italics below are approximations based on prior years. Those in regular print have been updated for the current year's application cycle. (Where a time zone is not stated, the deadline is in Eastern time, the local time at Wesleyan's campus.)


Campus and national deadlines, listed by fellowship




Schwarzman China

May 3, 2022

May 20, 2022

Schwarzman US

Aug 23, 2022

Sept 20, 2022

Rhodes US

Aug 30, 2022

Oct 5, 2022

Gates Cambridge

Aug 30, 2022

mid October


Aug 30, 2022

late Sept


Aug 30, 2022

Sept 30, 2022


Sept 13, 2022, 5pm

Oct 11, 2022

Knight Hennessy

Sept 1, 2022

 early Oct


 mid-Sept (next competition 2024)

mid-Nov (next competition 2024)


Oct 13, 2022

November 9


Oct 13, 2022

early Nov

Critical Language 


mid Nov

St. Andrew’s

Nov 15, 2022

mid Dec


TBD for 2022

early Feb

Gaither/Carnegie Jr.

Jan 4, 2023

mid Jan


Jan 10, 2023, noon

early Feb


Jan 10, 2023

Jan 27, 2023, 5pm Central


Jan 30, 2023, 5pm

early March