National Fellowships

National scholarships and fellowships are prestigious merit-based awards that provide full funding for a year of research, creative work, graduate study, English teaching, or language learning. Most of them require nomination from Wesleyan and involve a campus selection process. 

We are committed to making the application process transparent, accessible, and inclusive, and we are here to support you at every step.

Application materials vary by fellowship but normally include the following components:

  • Application form: personal information, past experiences;
  • Personal statement: What has motivated you to apply for this opportunity? How do you hope to benefit from it?
  • Project proposal, when applicable: What do you plan to accomplish during the fellowship?
  • Unofficial transcript;
  • Two to five letters of recommendation.

The campus application includes all materials required by a particular fellowship except letters of recommendation.

Preparing a competitive application takes time and effort. Successful applicants usually meet with the Assistant Director of Fellowships at least a semester before the campus deadline to discuss options, plan the application process, and brainstorm ideas for application essays. We also offer feedback on drafts of your application materials for most fellowship programs. 

If you want to explore fellowship opportunities or have questions about any aspect of the process, please contact Fellowships or schedule an appointment on our calendar.

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