So you are interested in an internship or job abroad but don’t known how to find the right one. The Gordon Career Center peer advisors and staff can help you brainstorm, make a plan, and get started in developing your international career. Some resources to help along your search:

    • Search in Handshake for international internships. Hint: Look for GoinGlobal in the Resources Section

    • Connect with alumni online who work, intern and study internationally through email, LinkedIn, WesConnect and on campus from study abroad or other international experiences

    • Idealist is a nonprofit organization that connects people, organizations and resources internationally including jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities

Which countries most easily allow Americans to secure work visas?

There are lots of places -- New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Germany have work visa options for U.S. citizens. Working in the European Union or the United Kingdom is a great option too if you have dual-citizenship.

    • New Zealand opportunities here | Apply for visa here

    • Australia opportunities here | Additional information here

    • Germany has full-time and internship opportunities here

International students wanting to work in the U.S. | 
If you understand your visa, CPT/OPT, and need help finding a job or reviewing your resume, visit the Gordon Career Center. If you have more specific questions, contact Janice Watson regarding your current visa status, CPT/OPT, or future visa options.

Do you have an internship or job abroad? Here’s what you do. | 
This depends on your job or internship and in what country you will be working. Understand what is required by the country you are planning to go to for your internship or job. The U.S. Department of State has a helpful tool to that clearly states information on passports, visas, and more. Be sure to ask questions to your supervisor or Human Resources any questions you have prior to starting your job or internship.

Is your internship unpaid? | 
There are many places to apply for funding around campus. Keep in mind that funding is limited and there are specific deadlines. Be sure to visit the Gordon Career Center and Fries Center for Global Studies for resources.

Do you want internship credit for your time abroad? | 
Enrollment in CSPL493 Internship Course is an option for current undergraduate students. Enrollment is different than for other classes and you should carefully review how to enroll for details on the course.

Keep in mind --- these resources and links are listed as examples only and have not been screened by Wesleyan University Gordon Career Center or managed by the University. For all selection criteria and deadlines be sure to visit the individual websites and conduct all necessary personal diligence before applying for any position.