Wesleyan Intercultural Leadership Program (WILP)

About WILP

Intercultural leadership is where the head meets the heart. International and U.S. domestic students (both undergraduate and graduate) are invited to participate in Wesleyan’s Intercultural Leadership Program (WILP). This program is designed to foster an intercultural community of leaders who are ready to take on issues they are passionate about, learn more about communities different than their own, and make a lasting impact at Wesleyan and beyond. Students accepted in WILP are given the opportunity to become a student mentor in their second year after completing the program.

Our Purpose 

The Fries Center for Global Studies is committed to helping all members of the Wesleyan community achieve the knowledge, language skills, and sensitivity each person will need in order to exercise effective and responsible citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world. WILP participants will advise the Fries Center for Global Studies on what Wesleyan students need in regards global education and take part in lead events related to the global education initiatives.

Our Core Values

WILP is intended to help develop a cultural knowledge base that one can draw upon to help understand the impact of culture upon leadership and intercultural interactions; develop lifelong appreciation and respect for cultural differences; and develop intercultural leadership skills that value and include cultural differences. WILP is built upon these following core values:

• Awareness of yourself     
• Awareness of others   
• Management of your thoughts and emotions   
• Adapting appropriate behavior



 The WILP Retreat
The WILP retreat will take place on Friday, September 21 - Saturday, September 22 in the Fries Center for Global Studies commons. This is a mandatory retreat if you wish to participate in WILP. The retreat is intended to foster relationships within the WILP leaders, learn about intercultural communication theories, and sign up to lead in one of the committees.
WILP Committees
WILP is housed within the Fries Center for Global Studies (FCGS). WILP leaders will 
select one of the four committees to lead on various projects relating to intercultural 
communication throughout the school year. Working in small student committees with oversight of a staff member, you will put intercultural communication theories into action.

  • International Education Committee
  • Study Abroad Committee
  • Language Committee
  • Fellowship Committee
Midway Check Point
After winter break, we will have a large group gathering (similar to that of the WILP Retreat) to assess your intercultural leadership development and to discuss each committees’ progress. 
Celebration and Final Presentations
To celebrate your intercultural accomplishments and growth, we will hold a celebration and “presentation of learning” at the end of the school year. Students, faculty, and administrators will be invited to listen to your presentations of learning. These presentations can be done in a group or individually. 



Once you have been selected to be a leader in WILP, you are required to attend the WILP retreat. You will be required to participate in your committee and all the activities related to the program for the duration of the academic year. 
If you find out later that you can no longer participate in the program, you must inform Kia Lor to set up a one-on-one meeting. 


Applications will open in the spring.