Current FLTAs

Ana San Martin 

From: Madrid, Spain
Studied Archaeology (BA), Epistemology of Natural and Social Sciences (MA)
Speaks: Spanish (Castillian, a little bit of Catalonian, Euskera/Basque), English, basic German, Modern Greek, Italian
Enjoys debating, illustrating, poetry, listening to music, fine and contemporary arts

Greta Bonfatti 

From: Bologna, Italy
Studying: Foreign Languages and Literatures
Speaks: Italian, French, English, Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese 
Enjoys backpacking around the world, new cultures and languages, movies and rhythmic gymnastics! 

Mathilde Garnier

From: Montigny-Lencoup, France
Studying: English Language, Literatures and Civilizations
Speaks: French, English, Spanish and Italian
Enjoys going to the movies, cooking, listening to music and swimming

Said Lasrifi 

From: Paris, France
Studied Cinema, Literature, and American Civilization
Speaks: French, English, Spanish
Enjoys Ben&Jerry's, strolling around NYC or the Amazon forest, debating about politics and society

Sara El-syoufi Cortes

From: Spain

Sungjin Park

From: Daegu, South Korea
Studying: English literature, English education
Speaks: Korean, English
Enjoys watching movies, playing board games, reading

Leonard Burgos-Vargas

From: Bogotá, Colombia
Studied 19th-20th Century of Colombian and Latin American Literature and History (BA in Literature, MA in History)
Speaks: Spanish and English
Enjoys going out with friends

Xuefang Whisper Jiang

From: Bēijìng, China
Studying Chinese Linguistics and Applied Linguistics 
Speaks: Chinese, English, Korean
Enjoys: Music, Movies, (trying to add cooking on the list)

Yousef Alharbi

From: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Studied English Language (Education)
Speaks: Arabic and English
Enjoys video games, music, and traveling

Yuki Sakomura

From: Osaka, Japan
Studied English Linguistics, ESL/EFL, JSL/JFL
Speaks: Japanese (monther tongue), English, Spanish (a little bit)
Enjoys sweets and Netflix. Also, I study Spanish and French by myself