Petition Process for Non-Approved Programs

Students interested in studying abroad on a program not included on the pre-approved list must meet with the Director of Study Abroad. In order for the Office of Study Abroad to consider such a request, students must complete the "Petition Program" application in the ViaTRM system (search "Petition" on the Programs search page).

  • The petition should include:
    • Relevance to the student’s major
    • A detailed justification explaining how the program will meet academic needs not met by an approved-list program
    • Evidence of the quality and appropriateness of instruction offered
    • Measures taken by the program to guarantee student health and safety
    • Expectations for academic, linguistic, and cultural immersion
    • Evidence that the program has an equal opportunity or non-discrimination statement comparable to Wesleyan's.
  • Wesleyan’s online permission application (ViaTRM)
  • The program’s own application (may have different deadlines than Wesleyan)

Petitions will be evaluated by the Office of Study Abroad staff and/or by relevant faculty. Since approval is not guaranteed, students are strongly urged to apply to a preapproved program as a backup.

Deadline for petitions:

  • Spring: October 1
  • Fall: February 22