Choosing a Study Abroad Semester

Things to consider in deciding upon which semester to study abroad:

    • Timing of courses required for major at Wesleyan
    • Sports practice/game schedules
    • Weather, events, and festivals at your study abroad destination

Reasons to choose spring:

Reasons to choose fall:

  • Spring term academic calendars tend to be more standardized globally
  • Following a spring semester students often remain in their host country for the summer to intern or build on their language and intercultural learning. 
  • Most schools have a substantial spring break, which allows for greater opportunities to travel
  • Room Selection: being on-campus in fall means a greater chance of getting first-choice housing (Read below for more info)
  • Second semester weather in many areas of the world is much better than in New England or than in the fall; in the northern hemisphere, days are longer.
  • Participate in a summer language program before your program begins
  • Consider remaining abroad for the entire year, if possible, in order to build on fall-term language and intercultural learning

Regardless of which semester you choose, you WILL BE ABLE TO:

    • Register for next semester’s classes online
    • Apply and interview for internships

Housing Inforamtion:

Students who choose to study abroad in the fall do not participate in housing selection. When students return in the spring, they are assigned to spaces that others will be vacating in the spring, unless they choose to apply to program houses that have vacancies. While you are abroad in the spring, you can participate in housing selection for the following fall via a proxy. If you decide to study abroad in the fall, the best option for you regarding housing is to find friends who will have a vacancy in their unit when you return in the spring. Those friends are able to submit a pull-in form to request that you fill that vacancy. Should you have any questions, or it would be helpful to speak with someone in Residential Life, please do not hesitate to contact them at