Wesleyan Programs Abroad

Wesleyan Programs Abroad

Wesleyan administers the following language and cultural immersion programs for qualified students in Italy, Spain, and France:

ItalyECCO: Eastern College Consortium in Bologna (Italy)
SpainVWM: Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Madrid (Spain)
FranceVWP: Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris (France)

These programs offer instruction in all disciplines, through enrollment in either regular university courses or courses taught for foreign students by local faculty. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

Housing options ordinarily include homestays with local families (France and Spain) or residence in a student dorm (Italy). All three programs organize a rich calendar of extracurricular activities and cultural events which are educational in nature and aimed at enhancing the students’ cultural immersion.

Given the quality of these programs, Wesleyan’s careful oversight, and the opportunities they offer for direct enrollment and cultural immersion, we expect students aiming to gain proficiency in French, Italian or Spanish to consider them first when weighing their options.

Home campus oversight committees establish the criteria for admission and oversee the application process, and they set all program policies. The on-site staff abroad includes a faculty resident director from the home US campus, an assistant to the director, and student interns from the local university. The local staff is responsible for facilitating students’ academic assimilation and cultural immersion and for ensuring compliance with home and host-campus regulations.

To apply for these programs, Wesleyan students need only submit the Wesleyan application for "permission to study abroad." By writing their essay in the target language they will enable the program committee to advise them appropriately according to their enrollment options abroad. 

Applications deadlines:

Fall semester: February 22
Spring semester: October 1