Winter Study Abroad

Students will apply through the Office of Study Abroad if they wish to receive credit for a non-Wesleyan program abroad during the winter session.


The deadline for winter study abroad applications is October 30.


Please note that due to the lateness of the application deadline, you may need to make travel arrangements before receiving an official acceptance from the Office of Study Abroad. If this is the case, please contact us to check the status of your application.


  1. Create a profile on our Via application system which is found in your Wesportal under Academics and Study Abroad Information and Application. 
  2. After creating your profile, please attend a First Steps meeting (group advising session) in the Office of Study Abroad. First Steps meetings are available on a drop-in basis. They run continuously every 20-25 minutes during our office hours (MWF 10-12pm, TTh 2-4pm). If you still have questions after attending a First Steps meeting, you may also schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Office of Study Abroad.
  3. By October 30, complete the appropriate application for your chosen program in the Via application system.
    • If you are taking a language class, please complete the Summer/Winter LANGUAGE Program application.
    • If you are taking a non-language class, please complete the Summer/Winter NON-Language Program application. 
  4. Complete the program’s own application process and keep track of their deadlines and requirements. Please note that your program's own application deadline may be earlier or later than Wesleyan's application deadline on Via.