• Botswana
    Pitzer College in Botswana (Gaborone) 
    Fall or spring. Setswana language, independent study and African studies courses; University of Botswana courses may be available in the spring, including some science options.
  • Cameroon
    SIT - Cameroon: Development and Social Change (Dschang, Yaounde) 
    Fall or spring. Prerequisite: French 112 or the equivalent. Life and culture, independent study suitable for anthropology or a number of other fields.
  • Ghana
    CIEE in Legon (Accra)
    Fall or spring. A full range of academic areas are provided and available. Students are required to take a Twi language course, which is the predominant local language in Ghana.
  • Kenya

    Kalamazoo College Study in Kenya (Nairobi) 
    Fall or full year. Courses in social sciences and humanities at the University of Nairobi, independent study and internship.

    Saint Lawrence University Kenya Semester Program (Nairobi)
    Fall or spring. Prerequisite: one course in African Studies. Participants required to take Swahili, field study/internship plus two other courses, usually in government or African history.

    SIT - Kenya: Urbanization, Health and Human Rights (Nairobi)
    Fall or spring. Swahili language, rural development, focused on Nairobi with a village stay.

  • Madagascar
    SIT - Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management
    Fall or spring.  Prerequisite: French 112 or the equivalent. Seminar on Madagascar's ecology, French and Malagasy language study, independent study. Restricted to biology, CoE, E&ES, ENVS, SISP majors, and students working on the Certificate in Environmental Studies.
  • Senegal
    SIT - Senegal: Global Security and Religious Pluralism (Dakar) 
    Fall or Spring. Prerequisite: French 112 or the equivalent. Discover the contribution made by Senegal to African arts and cultures. Learn introductory Wolof. Independent study project.
  • South Africa

    SIT - South Africa: Social and Political Transformation (Durban)
    Fall or spring. In close association with the University of Natal (UND). Zulu language, focus on understanding the consequences of apartheid and the reconstruction of South African society.

    CIEE in Cape Town
    Fall or spring. Access to a full range of courses through the University of Cape Town in humanities, social sciences and sciences. Some background in African Studies preferred. Students strongly encouraged to study Afrikaans, Zulu or Xosa.

  • Tanzania

    SIT - Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology (Arusha, Moshi, Serengeti Park)
    Fall or spring. Prerequisite: course work in biology or E&ES. Swahili language, field-work based environmental studies.

    SIT - Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management (Stone Town, Zanzibar)
    Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management 

    School for Field Studies - Wildlife Management Studies (Rhotia)
    Fall or spring. Prerequisite: course work in biology or E&ES. Swahili language, field-work based environmental studies. Wildlife management, wildlife ecology, environmental policy and socioeconomic values, directed study project.  Restricted to biology, CoE, E&ES, ENVS, SISP majors, and students working on the Certificate in Environmental Studies.