Please refer to Wesleyan's Foreign Language Policy for more information on language requirements.

  • Argentina
    CIEE - Buenos Aires 
    Fall, spring, or full year. Prerequisite: Spanish 221 or the equivalent.  Options to enroll in regular university courses at: the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO); the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA); the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA); the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte (IUNA); and the Universidad Torcuato de Tella. This program caters especially --but not exclusively-- to the needs of students majoring in the social sciences.
  • Brazil

    Brown/Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
    Fall, Spring or full year. Prerequisite: Portuguese 155-156 or the equivalent, and at least one course on Brazil. A month-long Language Orientation and Cultural Pro-Seminar in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador is followed by regular courses at the Pontificía Universidade Católica. Independent study, homestay.

  • Colombia

    La Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá)

    By special arrangement, Wesleyan offers a fall and/or spring term direct enrollment experience for a small group of highly qualified students (no more than 5) at the Universidad de los Andes (UA), one of Latin America’s most prestigious institutions. Students selected for this exchange will enroll directly in advanced-level courses through the UA’s Oficina de Internacionalización. Participants may choose from a wide range of courses in all fields, most notably in the Facultad de Artes y Humanidades or in the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales. The UA is located on a state-of-the-art campus near the historic district and administrative center of Colombia’s capital. It offers great opportunities for students to engage in campus life. Participants may avail themselves of internship opportunities as part of their educational experience. Wesleyan students will live in dormitories inhabited primarily by their Colombian counterparts. The Oficina de Internationalización will manage the Wesleyan students’ orientation, registration and advising, and will attend to other aspects of the students curricular and extracurricular experience.

    For a closer look at the Universidad de los Andes, click here to view this PowerPoint.

    Students interested in participating in this exchange must have completed Spanish 221 plus one advanced seminar numbered SPAN230 or above. Students who are accepted must enroll in courses taught in Spanish and that have at least half or the majority of the readings in this language. Romance Studies Majors may also enroll in courses in Italian or French. Those interested should consult with Professor María Ospina in the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures.

  • Costa Rica

    University of Kansas in Costa Rica (San Jose)
    Fall, spring, or full year (January-July or June-December). Prerequisite: Spanish 221 or equivalent. Direct enrollment at the Universidad de Costa Rica. Wide range of fields, including science options.

    School for Field Studies - Costa Rica  - Sustainable Development Studies (Atenas)
    Fall or spring. Prerequisite: Spanish language study. Includes work in tropical ecology and sustainable development, economic and ethical issues, principles of resource management, directed study project.  Restricted to biology, CoE, E&ES, ENVS, SISP majors, and students working on the Certificate in Environmental Studies. 

  • Dominican Republic

    CIEE - Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo)
    Fall, spring, or full year. Prerequisite: Spanish 221 or equivalent. Direct enrollment at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), the Instituto Filosófico Pedro Francisco Bonó (El Bonó), and the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC). No Wesleyan credit will be granted for courses taken at UNIDCA. Caribbean Studies and development tracks, internship, and independent study options. Note: some Wesleyan departments will not approve credit for internships.

  • Ecuador

    Pachaysana Institute: Rehearsing Change (Quito)
    Fall or Spring. Prerequisite: Spanish 221 or the equivalent. Rehearsing Change is a Fair Trade study abroad program operated by the Pachaysana Institute in conjunction with Universidad San Francisco de Quito. The Pachaysana Institute is a collective of Ecuadorian and international educators, teaching artists, development specialists and community organizers. International students will learn alongside Ecuadorian students and explore subjects such as development, sustainability, and identity. Students will develop new perceptions of education and build a more coherent world vision and understanding of globalization. Students spend time living in Quito and within indigenous communities in the Amazon region. Coursework: Identity and Place; Design and Evaluation of Sustainable Community Projects; Storytelling: Language and Movement; Theatre for Social Change and Innovation; and an Independent Study Project.

  • Mexico

    IFSA - Merida Universities Program (Mérida) 
    Fall, spring, or full year. Prerequisite: Spanish 221 or the equivalent. Advanced Spanish language course and direct enrollment courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán and Universidad Modelo.  

  • Turks and Caicos

    School for Field Studies - Turks & Caicos Islands - Marine Resource Management Studies (South Caicos)
    Fall or spring. Includes work in tropical marine biology, principles of resource management, environmental policy, directed study project.  Restricted to biology, CoE, E&ES, ENVS, SISP majors, and students working on the Certificate in Environmental Studies.