Courses for Non-Science Majors:

Nonscientists are encouraged to consider CHEM118, CHEM119, CHEM120, or CHEM141/CHEM142 as part of their program to meet NSM requirements.

CHEM118 provides an interdisciplinary view of the DNA molecules and their impact on society at large.

CHEM119 studies the basic chemistry of several diseases, including AIDS, cancer, bacterial infections, and the drugs used to treat them, as well as psycho-therapeutic drugs.

CHEM120 covers basic chemical principles and then shows how these principles relate to important issues in the real world, such as global warming, alternative energy, genetic engineering, and the treatment of diseases.

CHEM141/CHEM142 is an introduction to chemistry that includes quantitative material. CHEM141 can be taken as a single-semester course toward the NSM requirements and can be taken by students who have had no high school chemistry.