Biological Chemistry Seminars - Fall 2020
Coordinated by Professor Irina Russu
Professor of Chemistry 

Seminars held virtually on Mondays at 12 PM 
unless otherwise stated
CHEM587 / MB&B587






Sept. 7 Dr. Irina M. Russu Wesleyan University  Introduction and Organization
Sept. 14 Mark Han  Wesleyan University  In Silico Investiagation of Tumor Suppressor p53: the Wild Hunt for Cancer Therapeutics
Sept. 21 No seminar  -- --
Sept. 28* Dr. Tom Broker U. of Alabama Birmingham HPV-Host Cell Interactions and Anti-Viral Drug Discovery in 3D-Tissue Systems
* Dr. Broker is the keynote speaker for the 21st Annual Retreat of the Molecular Biophysics Program. The seminar starts at 2:50 PM.
Oct. 5 Bakar Hassan  Wesleyan University  Characterization of E. coli Heptosyltransferase II
Oct. 12 Nick Wells  Wesleyan University  Common perturbations to maturational free energy in ALS-linked SOD1 mutations
Oct. 19 Jozie Milicaj  Wesleyan University  Addressing the Antibiotic Resistance Problem: Perturbing Lipopolysaccharide Biosynthesis via Inhibition of Heptosyltransferase I
Oct. 26 No seminar -- --
Nov. 2 Joshua Dudley  Wesleyan University  Characterizing Structural Heterogeneity in Computationally Designed Mini Proteins
Nov. 9* Dr. Jason Kahn  U. of Maryland College Park  DNA Flexibility via DNA Looping and High-Throughput Sequencing 
* The seminar starts at 2:50 PM.
Nov. 16 Ben Cowan  Wesleyan University  Visualizing and Analyzing Motional Covariance in Proteins: MD-Sectors and Principle Component Analysis
Nabeel Kemal Wesleyan University  Mapping and Visualizing the Free Energy Landscape of p53 using Vectors
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break -- --
Nov. 30 Thanksgiving Break -- --