Chemistry Department Colloquium, Fall 2020
Coordinated by Dr. Personick, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars are held virtually at 3:30 p.m.






Sept. 4 Prof. Lam Nguyen Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Paris Lam's LAMs: Small molecules with Large Amplitude Motions explored by the interplay of microwave spectroscopy, quantum chemistry, and spectral modeling Stewart Novick


Prof. Shirley Lin  US Naval Academy Copper-Catalyzed, Microwave-Assisted Cross-Couplings of Aryl Halides via a Concurrent Tandem Catalytic Methodology Michelle Personick
Sept. 18 Dr. Thomas Blake Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Environmental Spectroscopy at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Some Recent Results Stewart Novick
Sept. 25 Prof. Beat Vogeli University of Colorado, Denver Exact distance measurement using nuclear and electron magnetic resonance Colin Smith
Oct. 2 Prof. Jillian Dempsey University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Elucidating Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Mechanisms Underpinning the Catalytic Generation of Renewable Fuels T. David Westmoreland
Oct. 9 Prof. Yan Yu Indiana University  Chemistry at the Nanomaterial-Bio Interface Michelle Personick
Oct.  16 Prof. Emily Weiss Northwestern University Colloidal Photocatalysis for Energy Conversion and Organic Synthesis T. David Westmoreland
Oct. 23 Prof. Nozomi Ando Cornell University Evolution of Protein Allostery and Correlated Motions Erika Taylor
Oct. 30 Prof. Pablo Sobrado  Virginia Tech  Targeting siderophore biosynthesis: structure, mechanism, and inhibition of flavin-dependent N-monooxygenases Erika Taylor 
Nov. 6 Prof. Xiaosong Li University of Washington  Manifestation of Spin-Couplings in Computational Molecular Spectroscopies Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos
Nov. 13 Prof. Melanie Chiu Stony Brook University Switchable Catalysts: Fundamentals to Materials Applications Michelle Personick