Chemistry Department Colloquium, Spring 2021
Coordinated by Dr. Michelle Personick, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars are held virtually at 3:30 p.m.






Feb. 12 Prof. Jeremiah Johnson MIT

Cleavable Bonds in Plastics and Gels: What Can We Learn by Breaking Materials Apart?

Brian Northrop
Feb. 19 Prof. Sen Zhang Univeristy of Virginia

Atomically Precise Nanocrystal Surfaces and Interfaces for Electrocatalysis

Michelle Personick
Feb. 26 Prof. Lesley-Ann Giddings Smith College The Search for New Natural Products and Biocatalysts Erika Taylor
March 5 Prof. Daryl Bosco UMass Medical School Different Flavors of Protein Misfolding and Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Disease Alison O'Neil
March 12 Prof. Charles Chusuei Middle Tennessee State University Bioanalyte Sensing with ZnO Carbon Nanotube and Silicon Nanowire Electrocatalysts Michelle Personick
March 19 Prof. Al Nelson  University of Washington

Stimuli-Responsive Triblock Copolymer Ion Gels

Brian Northrop
March 26 Prof. Alison Frontier University of Rochester

New Cyclization Strategies Enabled by the Alkynyl Prins Reaction

Michael Calter
April 2 Prof. Gaetano Montelione Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Proteins Flex to Function: The Role of Conformational Plasticity in Molecular Recognition Colin Smith 
April 9  Prof. Elizabeth Meiering University of Waterloo Natural and unnatural structures of wild-type and ALS mutant SOD1s Alison O'Neil
April 16 Prof. Kara Stowers Brigham Young University Heterogeneous Catalyst Design for Increasing the Activity of Oxidation and Reduction Reactions Michelle Personick
April 23 Prof. Jerome Robinson Brown University  Catalyst RE-design: Leveraging Dynamic and Labile Systems to Address Challenges in Sustainability Michelle Personick
April 30  Prof. Benjamin Janesko Texas Christian University Beyond Hybrid Density Functional Theory  Carlos Jimenez Hoyos
May 7 Prof. Brett McGuire MIT New Frontiers in Cosmic Carbon Stewart Novick