Organic-Inorganic Chemistry Seminars, Spring 2021
Coordinated by Prof. Brian Northrop, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars held virtually at 12:00 p.m.
CHEM 558





February 18 Sean McDarby Personick Lab An Integrated Electrochemistry Approach to the Design and Synthesis of Polyhedral Noble Metal Nanoparticles
March 4 Andrea Lee Westmoreland Lab Examining Chromium(III)-based Contrast Agents for Use as a Model for Understanding Prototropic Exchange in ParaCEST MRI Contrast Agents
March 18 Jing Jing Wang Personick Lab
Synthesis and Optimization of One-Step Palladium-Silver Nanoparticles and Preliminary Catalytic Studies
April 8 Allie Goss Calter Lab Progress Towards the Synthesis of Nigrospine
April 22 Brynn Assignon Taylor Lab Taylored Enzymes: Creating Chimeric Protein Libraries for Glycodiversification Through Domain Swapping