Weekly Schedule: Monday - February 17th through Sunday - February 23rd

MONDAY -- February 17th
-Biological Chemistry Seminar:
Tawnya Nead
Scientist I, Analytical Development 
Takeda Vaccines, Inc. 
Held in HA 84 at 12:15pm 

-Chemical Physics Seminar:
Dr. Jacob Nite 
Wesleyan University
"Non-Orthogonal Electronic Structure Approaches for Reducing Computational Burden in Quantum Chemistry Calculations”
Held in ESC 058 at 12:20pm 

TUESDAY -- February 18th 
-Free Radicals: 
CHEM 144 Study Jam 
Held in the NSM Conference Room from 8-10pm  

WEDNESDAY -- February 19th
No events today 

THURSDAY -- February 20th
-Organic-Inorganic Seminar: 
Lucas Mani 
Westmoreland Lab 
"Towards Defining the Effects of Substituents on the Stability of Pyridine-Based Mn(II) Complexes”
Held in Shanklin 201 at 12pm 

FRIDAY -- February 21st
-Chemistry Colloquium:
Prof. Mateusz Marianski 
Hunter College
“Understanding Glycosylation Reaction with Cryogenic Vibrational Spectroscopy and First‑principles Methods”
Held in Exley 058 at 3:30 pm
Refreshments to follow in the vestibule outside of ESC 058

-Progress Exams: 
C. Jimenez-Hoyos & E. Taylor 
Distributed at 4:15pm 

SATURDAY -- February 22nd
No events today 

SUNDAY -- February 23rd
No events today