Weekly Schedule: Monday - October 18th through Sunday - October 24th

MONDAY -- October 18th 
-Biological Chemistry Seminar:
Oliver Cho, Smith Lab 
"Modifying Miniprotein EHEE_rd2_0005 to Adopt a Single Conformational State"
Held in HA 84 at 12pm 

TUESDAY -- October 19th 
No events today 

WEDNESDAY -- October 20th 
No events today 

THURSDAY -- October 21st
-Organic-Inorganic Seminar: 
Kaylah Medvec, Calter Lab
"Synthesis of Rocaglamide Analogs" 
Held in HA 84 at 12pm

FRIDAY -- October 22nd 
-Chemistry Colloquium:
Prof. Haotian Wang 
Rice University 
"Electrifying CO2 into Fuels and Chemicals"
Held in ESC058 at 3:30 pm

SATURDAY -- October 23rd
No events today 

SUNDAY -- October 24th
No events today