Weekly Schedule: Monday - March 29th through Sunday - April 4th 

 MONDAY – April 19th
-Biological Chemistry Seminar:
Camille Chossis, O’Neil Lab
The C9ORF72 mutation and its effect on astrocyte inflammation in a Human stem cell model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia
Held at 12:00pm over Zoom

TUESDAY -- April 20th
No events today

WEDNESDAY -- April 21st
No events today

THURSDAY -- April 22nd
-Organic-Inorganic Seminar:
Brynn Assignon, Taylor Lab
Taylored Enzymes: Creating Chimeric Protein Libraries for Glycodiversification Through Domain Swapping

Held at 12:00pm over Zoom

FRIDAY -- April 23rd
-Chemistry Colloquium:
Professor Jerome Robinson, Brown University
Catalyst RE-design: Leveraging Dynamic and Labile Systems to Address Challenges in Sustainability
Held at 3:30pm over Zoom

SATURDAY -- April 24th
No events today

SUNDAY -- April 25th
No events today