Weekly Schedule: Monday - November 11th through Sunday - November 17th, 2019

MONDAY -- November 11th
- Biological Chemistry Seminar:
Kendar Serindag
Wesleyan University 
"Conformational Studies of Cyclized DNA for a CryoEM Platform”
Held in Hall-Atwater 84, at 12pm

TUESDAY -- November 12th
- Free Radicals: 
CHEM 251 Study Jam
Held in Hall-Atwater 53/54 from 6-8pm

WEDNESDAY -- November 13th
No events today 

THURSDAY -- November 14th
- Organic-Inorganic Chemistry Seminar:
Sean McDarby
Wesleyan University 
"Rational Nanoparticle Design: Utilizing Electrochemistry to Access Novel Particle Morphology"
Held in Shanklin 201, at 12pm

FRIDAY -- November 15th
- Chemistry Colloquium:
Dr. Stormy Chamberlain 
University of Connecticut - Health Center  
“Using Human iPSCs to Discover Therapeutic Approaches for Rare Diseases”
Held in Hall-Atwater 84, at 3:30pm
Refreshments to follow in the Chemistry Lounge, Hall-Atwater 6

- Graduate Progress Exams:
M. Calter and C. Smith 
Distributed at 4:15pm 

SATURDAY -- November 16th
No events today

SUNDAY -- November 17th
No events today