Chemistry Department Colloquium, Fall 2019
Coordinated by Dr. Joseph Knee, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars are held in room 84, Hall-Atwater Laboratories at 3:30 p.m.
Coffee is served outside room 84 before the seminar and
refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge (Hall-Atwater Laboratory, Room 6).

TBDConfirmation-Specific Sprectoscopy from the Microwave to the Ultraviolet






Sept. 13 Prof. Chris Johnson Stony Brook University From Molecules to Clouds: How do Atmospheric Particles Form from Thin Air? Prof. Joseph Knee
Sept. 20 Prof. John Dudek Hartwick College High Resoltion Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecules with Astronomical and Structural Importance/Relevance Stewart Novick
Sept. 26 (Th.) Biophysics Retreat N/A  N/A N/A
Sept. 27 Prof. Ou Chen Brown University TBD Michelle Personick
Oct. 4 Prof. Joshua Newby Hobart & William Smith Colleges What difference does an atom make? The geometric preferences of chalcogen heterocycles with water. Stewart Novick
Oct. 11 Prof. Denyce Wicht Suffolk University TBD Erika Taylor
Oct.  25 Prof. Teri Odom Northwestern University TBD Michelle Personick
Nov. 1 Prof. Patrick Loria Yale University Micro-millisecond motions involved in enzyme chemistry and allostery Colin Smith
Nov. 8 Prof. Jeremy Lohman Purdue University TBD Erika Taylor
Nov. 15 Prof. Stormy Chamberlain University of Connecticut - Health Center TBD
Nov. 22 Prof. Jane Jackman Ohio State University TBD Erika Taylor
Dec. 6 Prof. Tim Zwier Purdue University Confimation-Specific Spectroscopy from the Microwave to the Ultraviolet Joseph Knee