Chemistry Department Colloquium, Fall 2013

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
September 6 Prof. Meredith Hughes Wesleyan University, Department of Astronomy "Planet Formation Revealed by Molecular Spectroscopy." Prof. Stewart E. Novick
September 25

Molecular Biophysics Retreat
Prof. Jamie Williamson 

Scripps Research Institute "Dynamics of Ribosome Assembly in Cells." Professors David L. Beveridge, Ishita Mukerji and Manju Hingorani
September 27

Prof. Li Deng

Brandeis University "Development and Application of Biomimetic Catalysis." Prof. Michael A. Calter
October 4 Prof. Arthur Suits Wayne State University "The Third Way: Roaming Radical Reactions."  Prof. Joseph L. Knee
October 11 Prof. Kenneth Leopold University of Minnesota "Molecular Clusters: Structure, Electronic Perturbations, and Incipient Chemical Change." Prof. Stewart E. Novick
October 18 Dr. Dave Dworak Henkel Technolologies "Single Electron Transfer - Living Radical Polymerization: Introduction and Applications." Prof. Michael A. Calter
October 25 Prof. Jens-Uwe Grabow Institut für Physikalische Chemie -Gottfried - Wilhelm - Leibniz - Universität, Hannover "Molecular Rotation Spectra: Structure, Dynamics, and... Particle Physics." Professor Stewart E. Novick
November 1 Prof. Smita Mohanty Auburn University "Pheromone Perception in Moth: Role of Pheromone-Binding Protein." Prof. Erika A. Taylor
November 8 Prof. Elizabeth M. Boon Stony Brook University "Nitric oxide signaling in bacteria: Discovery of a new mechanism for regulating bacterial biofilms." Professor Erika A. Taylor
November 15 Professor Eranthie Weerapana Boston College "Chemical-Proteomic Strategies to Investigate Reactive Cysteines." Professor Rex F. Pratt
November 22 Reserved TBA TBA Prof. Joseph L. Knee
December 6 Reserved TBA TBA Prof. Joseph L. Knee

Seminars are held in room 84, Hall-Atwater Laboratories at 3:30 p.m. 
Coffee is served outside room 84 before the seminar and 
refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge (Hall-Atwater Laboratory, Room 6).