Chemistry Department Colloquium - Spring 2017
Coordinated by Prof. Michelle L. Personick, Professor of Chemistry

Hall-Atwater Laboratories 84 at 3:30 p.m. Coffee is served outside room 84 before the seminar and
refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge (Room 6, Hall-Atwater)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
January 27  Prof. Steven Tait Indiana University, Bloomington

"Developing Chemistry Activity at Surfaces Through Molecular and Supramolecular Design.”

Prof. Michelle L. Personick
February 3  Prof. AnGayle Vasiliou   Middlebury College  "Thermal Decomposition Mechanisms of Sulfur Compounds" Prof. Michelle L. Personick
February 10  Prof. Katherine Mirica  Dartmouth College "Stimuli-Responsive Materials for Chemical Sensing and Microelectronics" Prof. Brian Northrop
February 17  Prof. Thomas Seery  University of Connecticut  “Growing Polymers on Surfaces” Prof. Michelle L. Personick
February 24 TBA
March 3 Prof. Charles Jakobsche Clark University: Carlson School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

"From Organic Synthesis to Chemical Biology"

Prof. Michael Calter
March 10   



March 31  Prof. Jennifer Koviach-Côté Bates College  "Automated Synthesis of O-Mannosylated ​Glycans" Prof. Erika A. Taylor
April 7

 Prof. Andreas Gahlmann


University of Virginia "High-Throughput 3D Tracking of Single Proteins in Live Bacterial Cells" Prof. Stewart Novick
April 14  Prof. Gary Grubbs II Missouri University of Science & Technology "FTMW Spectroscopy and the Fundamentals of Nature: A window to bonding, structure, and chirality" Prof. Stewart Novick
April 21

Prof. Vince Ortiz

 Auburn University  

"Electron Propagator Theory, Dyson Orbitals and Correlation-Bound Anions" Prof. Michael Frisch
April 28 Dr. Keith Fandrick co-presenting with  Dr. Nina Gonnella Boehringer Ingelheim  "Development of an accurate and efficient NMR chemical shift prediction procedure using B3LYP/cc-pVDZ: A powerful method  for molecular structure elucidation” Prof. Michael Calter
May 5