Chemistry Department Colloquium, Spring 2018
Coordinated by Prof. Michelle L. Personick, Professor of Chemistry

Seminars are held in room 84, Hall-Atwater Laboratories at 3:30 p.m.
Coffee is served outside room 84 before the seminar and
refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge (Hall-Atwater Laboratory, Room 6).






February 9 Dr. Ken Waterman FreeThinkTechnologies  "Accelerated Stability Assessment Program (ASAP): Using Science to Set Expiry Dating" Prof. Brian Northrop
February 16 Dr. Zhibo Yang University of Oklahoma   “Mass Spectrometry for Microscale Bioanalysis: Single Cells, Tissues, and Multicellular Spheroids”. Prof. Joe Knee
February 23 Prof. Eric Altman Yale University    “Two Dimensional Tetrahedral Oxides: Expanding the Toolkit of Two Dimensional van der Waals Layers.” Prof. Michelle Personick
March 2 Prof. Michael Maroney  UMass Amherst    "Nickel-dependent Superoxide Dismutase: Reinventing the Wheel" Prof. Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos
March 9 Dr. Mark Langille The Dow Chemical Company "Dispersant Technologies for More Durable Economy Paints" Prof. Michelle Personick
March 30 Prof.  Tanya L. Schneider  Connecticut College   "Inhibition of bacterial quorum sensing regulator proteins" Prof. Erika Taylor
April 6 Prof. Annabel Edwards Denison University  "Over, under and all the way through: using water to probe the structure of thick and thin film organic mixtures" Prof. Stewart Novick
April 13 Prof. AL Fry
Wesleyan University Chemistry Department "Some Electrochemistry from the Fry Group – A Retrospective” Prof. David Beveridge
April 20 Prof. Stuart Licht George Washington University  "Facile electrochemical conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to valuable and useful products". Prof. Stewart Novick
April 27 Prof. David Beveridge
Wesleyan University Chemistry Department "Molecules to Medicine" Prof. Al Fry