Typical Scholar Timeline

Year 1


  • Beckman Scholars meet in groups and individually with mentors to discuss research opportunities. Scholars can pursue interdisciplinary research projects outside of their major, facilitated by the CIS, or they may remain within their major.
  • Faculty mentors, academic advisors, and Scholars review discuss academic, research and career goals to develop a comprehensive written plan.
  • Training of Scholars in research labs begins. Scholars and mentors meet at least once weekly to discuss research progress and needed materials, supplies, and equipment.


  • Scholars begin research full time for ten weeks (40 hr/week).
  • Faculty mentors and Scholars meet at least three times a week for at least one hour to review progress in the lab, skills training, available technologies, methodological difficulties, and data analysis.
  • Scholars are invited to join the programming of the university summer research program, including weekly seminars and workshops on lab safety, scientific writing, poster preparation or career planning, and computational methods and analysis tools.
  • Scholars develop poster presentation for Wesleyan community poster session.
  • Scholars attend scientific conferences; participate in webinars, and on and off campus lectures, as appropriate and available.
  • Scholars meet with current graduate students and post-doctoral associates at Wesleyan regarding their experiences in advanced degree study.
  • Drawing from Wesleyan?s distinguished science alumni, the Career Resources Center works with Scholars to arrange discussions of career opportunities.
  • Scholars visit potential graduate schools. Personalized visits will be arranged utilizing faculty mentor contacts at those institutions.

Year 2


  • Scholars work at least 10 hours per week in the lab.
  • Faculty mentors, academic advisors and Scholars meet at least twice a semester to review progress towards goals.
  • Faculty mentors and Scholars continue to meet at least two times a week for at least one hour to review research progress.
  • Scholars attend and present at scientific meetings in their discipline.
  • Scholars meet with the Career Center to develop resumes and discuss career plans.
  • Scholars continue working as co-authors on a paper for publication.
  • Scholars begin preparing for Beckman Scholars Conference.


  • Research and scholarship activities continue as outlined in year one summer.
  • Scholars finalize arrangements and poster for Beckman Scholars Conference.
  • Scholars attend Beckman Conference with faculty mentor.
  • Scholars meet with the Career Center to develop resumes and discuss career plans.
  • Scholars work with the Shapiro Writing Center for assistance preparing their research article and senior honors thesis.

To help build a sense of cohort among Beckman Scholars, there will be meetings of Scholars and mentors each semester to share academic and research experiences. Scholars will be encouraged to select a scientific theme for the year and identify possible seminar speakers in this area (one speaker each semester). Departments and faculty mentors will work together to invite selected individuals for seminars, and on campus events will be arranged where the Scholars will interact with the speakers in small, conversational settings. These interactions - together with those with alumni - will introduce Scholars to the multiple possibilities and challenges of a scientific research career. Many of these activities will be done in conjunction with existing outreach programs run by the College of Integrative Sciences.