Lectures Open to Everyone

February 12
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Ishita Mukerji (Director, CIS), Introduction to CIS

February 19
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Alexis May (Psychology), Understanding the How and Why of Suicide

February 26
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Brian Stewart (Physics, Environmental Sciences), Using Systems Thinking to Approach Problems Large and Small

March 5
CIS Senior Majors: Abrar Habib (Personick/Jimenez-Hoyes lab), Isabella Jaffe (Holmes lab), Jack Kwon (Weir lab), Simon van Deursen (O'Neil lab)

March 12
Daniel Moller (CIS, IDEAS), Hoppin' with IDEAS - Wesleyan Integrated Design, Engineering, and Applied Science minor

March 19
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Teresita Padilla-Benavides (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry), Differential mechanisms for transcriptional regulation of myogenic and metal homeostasis genes mediated by copper and copper-dependent transcription factors

March 22, 2021 Special Seminar: An entrepreneurial approach to the Covid 19 crisis
2:50-4:10 pm, virtual link
Loren D. Williams, Georgia Tech
Hear about how a Professor of Chemistry assembled a team of over 30 researchers at Georgia Tech to develop a cheap COVID test that can be done in a research laboratory. Highlighted here in ASBMB news

March 27
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Pavel Oleinikov (Quantitative Analysis Center), From words to pixels and back: similarity search work in Wesleyan Media Project

April 2
Ruth Johnson (Biology), From gene list to tissue: figuring out which gene expression changes are meaningful for tissue morphogenesis

April 9
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Katherine Brunson (Archaeology, East Asian Studies), Introduction to Archaeological Science and Environmental Archaeology: Examples from Ancient China

April 16
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Alison O'Neil (Chemistry, Neuroscience and Behavior), Using human stem cells to model neurodegenerative disease

April 23
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Seth Redfield (Astronomy, Planetary Sciences), Blue Skies on Distant Worlds

April 30
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Brian Northrop (Chemistry), 
Plastic Electronics: The Design or Organic Semiconductors

May 7
1:00-2:20p, virtual
Ellen Thomas (Earth and Environmental Sciences, Joe Webb Peoples Museum), 
Global Warming in Earth's Past 


February 17
Molecular Visualization with VMD

February 24
Panel Data Analysis with Pandas

March 3
CUDA programming for High Performance Computing

March 17
TensorFlow Nuts and Bolts: Data Wrangling and Data Munging

April 7
Introduction to Raspberry Pi

April 21
Python Animated Graphics

By Appointment
Raspberry Pi Workshop, this will be conducted in small groups, prerequisite: Introduction to Raspberry Pi (April 7)


February 13, 2021 Research-a-Palooza!
This is a division-wide event to introduce and inform students about the ongoing research in faculty labs. This virtual event will include a general information session followed by break-out sessions based on departments and research topics. 

Q&A timetable
Zoom Track A Zoom Track B
2-2:30pm Chemistry Astronomy, Planetary Science
2:30-3pm MB&B, Molecular Biophysics E&ES, College of the Environment
3-3:30pm Biology Physics
3:30-4pm Neuroscience & Behavior Math, Computer Science
4-4:30pm Psychology


February 25, 2021 CIS Prospective Majors Virtual Open House

Majoring in science or math? Interested in research?  Learn how the CIS linked major can accelerate your goals.


March 19, 2021 Deadline for summer research application and CIS major applications

April 22, 2021 Earth Week Rant
Professor Brian Stewart (Physics, Environmental Studies, CIS) presents his fourteenth annual Earth Week Rant, a discussion about energy and the future.

TBD Celebration of Science Theses
12:30p-2:00p, TBD

Poster presentations by Natural Sciences and Mathematics Honors and MA Students. Do join us in appreciation of our students' achievements!