Lectures Open to Everyone


September 14
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Renee Sher, Physics
Terahertz spectroscopy: tracking electron movements in solar cells

 September 21
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Saray Shai, Computer Science
An introduction to the science of networks

September 28
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Matthew Kurtz, Psychology/Neuroscience
Schizophrenia: cognitive deficits, functioning and treatment

October 5
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Michael Singer, Biology
Significance of tri-trophic interactions in ecology and evolution

October 12
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Chris Chenier, CIS/Art and Art History Digital Design Technologist
Form + Code: creative production, craft and computation from a humanist perspective

October 19
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Lutz Huwel, Physics
What goes up must come down - Lifetimes of excited nuclei, atoms, and molecules 

October 26
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos, Chemistry

November 2
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Christopher Weaver, CIS/Computer Science
Amplius ludo: the science behind games

November 9
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
John Cooley, CIS/Biology
Cicadas, crowdsourcing, and a race against time

November 16
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Mike Robinson, Psychology/Neuroscience
Liking, wanting and excessive desire

November 23

November 30
1:20-2:40p, ESC137
Seth Redfield, Astronomy
Blue Skies on Distant Worlds

December 7
Ellen Thomas, CIS/E&ES
Short lecture: The history of Long island Sound, an urban sea.
How to write the term paper.