College of Intigrative Sciences



Friday, September 8, 1:20-2:40p, Woodhead Lounge
Ice Cream Social and Informational Meeting
If you are interested in an interdisciplanary science education that touches the frontiers of modern research, please join us! Sophomores are most strongly encourages, but we welcome all.


Lectures Open to Everyone

September 15
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Seth Redfield, Astronomy
Blue Skies on Distant Worlds

September 22
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Rich Olson, MB&B
What Protein Structures Tell Us about Bacterial Pathogenesis

September 29
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Cameron Hill, Math
Graphs, Knots and Polynomials

October 6
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Chris Chenier, CIS/Art & Art History
Form + Code: Creative Production, Craft, and Computation from a Humanist Perspective

October 13
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Scott Holmes, MB&B
Linkers and Variants: Building Eukaryotic Chromosomes

October 20
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Matt Kurtz, Psychology/Neuroscience
Schizophrenia: Neurocognitive Deficits and Their Treatment

October 27
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Colin Smith, Chemistry
Understanding and Reprogramming Remote Control of Proteins

November 3
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Karen Collins, Math
Friendship and Enmity Graphs and Networks

November 10
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Meredith Hughes, Astronomy
Planet Formation through Radio Eyes

November 17
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Mike Robinson, Psychology/Neuroscience
'Liking', 'Wanting', and Excessive Desire

November 24

December 1
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Sonia Sultan, Biology
Understanding Variation: Eco-Devo Experiments with Polygonum Plants

December 8
1:20-2:40p, ESC139
Ellen Thomas, CIS/E&ES
How To Predict the Future from the Past