College Year in Athens

College Year in Athens, a Wesleyan approved program, offers either a full year or one semester of study in ancient through modern Greek language, art, and archeology. Applications are on a rolling admissions basis. A semester in Chania, Crete on the ITHAKA College Program covers Greece from the antiquity to the present from an anthropological and sociological, as well as historical, perspective. Credit for the ITHAKA College Program is available through the department, but must be arranged and approved in advance.

Faculty and Instruction

College Year in Athens has a faculty of distinguished American and European scholars active in their fields. The Student-faculty ratio is about 6:1. Classes are taught in English; previous knowledge of modern Greek is not required. Instruction is given in the College Year in Athens Academic Center; classes are also held in museums and on sites to make the fullest use of cultural resources.

Student Body

Eighty to 100 students from an average of 50 institutions in North America attend each semester. Most students are in their third year of college or university. The summer program has approximately 20 participants.

Credit from Home Institution

Credit is regularly granted by the students' home colleges and universities on the basis of the College Year in Athens transcript.

Living Arrangements

Students live in small groups in simply furnished apartments or hotel units with basic cooking facilities, in a neighborhood near the heart of Athens. During the academic year, lunch is served Monday through Saturday in the College Year in Athens dining room.


A rolling admission policy is employed until:

  • May 15-full year and fall semester
  • October 15-spring semester
  • April 15-summer program

Applications are welcome after these dates, but will be considered on a space available basis. Students are often able to transfer financial aid from their home institutions. College Year in Athens also has a few partial scholarships and some work study. For either semester, applications for financial aid must be received in Athens by April 1.

For more information contact:

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Classical Studies

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