Advising Tips

25 March 2008
From: Laurie Nussdorfer
To: All COL students and advisers

As we get ready for pre-registration, here are some tips to orient you in your COL course selections. For the full details on the major requirements please consult the COL web site.


Colloquium each semester
Make sure grading mode is pass/fail

Exceptions:COL crosslisted courses that are graded only (Eugenia will email you during Drop/Add) Substitution courses (i.e. not COL courses) (Director's approval, then professor's okay)

Frosh (rising sophomores)

    Take a course in the language you will study when you go abroad
    Try to take one of your COL seminar requirements

Sophomores (rising juniors) 

First semester:

  • Take COL seminar requirements (aim to complete this year)
  • Choose those that overlap with colloquia periods on which you will be examined in the junior comps (ancient, medieval, modern)
  • Take courses with professors or on topics that might possibly be relevant to your eventual choice of a thesis topic
  • Second semester:

  • Same as first semester, but with even more emphasis on choosing courses that prepare you for your thesis either in topic, tutor or skills.
  • Be wary of oversubscription in COL courses.
  • Juniors (rising seniors)

    Complete all COL seminar requirements, if you haven't.
    Be careful of oversubscription in COL courses.