Print Style Guide: Wesleyan Colors

Wesleyan colors are red and black. Wesleyan red should always be printed as PMS 200 (or the cmyk equivalent: C:0, M:100, Y:66, K:18). The grey in the traditional logo is 40% black.

Full color publications: Ordinarily, black and red are the predominant colors with additional color coming from color photos. One or two spot colors may be added if there is a good reason for doing so, if choices are driven by the photos and chosen from the color palette (below), and if they are kept to a minimum. Two (or three) color publications: Always use PMS 200 and black. Percentages of black may be incorporated, but do not use percentages of red. Do not print red photographs or black and red duotones. An additional spot color may be added if there is a good reason for doing so, if it is a neutral chosen from the color palette (below), and if its use is kept to a minimum.

One-color publications: Print in black or a Pantone gray. We may use colored paper from our approved list of papers.

Color Palette

The main colors in a publication should be PMS200 and black. If an accent color is appropriate, it should be chosen from the list below. If none of the colors on the list will work, exceptions can be made and approved of by University Communications.

Note: Colors on screen are close approximations of printed colors.

Pale Yellow   PMS 1215
Ochre   PMS 458
Light Orange   PMS 137
Terra Cotta   PMS 139
Wesleyan Red   PMS 200
Plum   PMS 262
Lilac   PMS 668
Teal   PMS 303
Navy   PMS 647
Medium Blue   PMS 279
Ocean   PMS 5483
Sky   PMS 7459
Jungle Green   PMS 3282
Grass Green   PMS 369
Hunter Green   PMS 5615
Light Sage   PMS 7535
Medium Olive Green   PMS 7497
Dk. Yellow Green   PMS 455
Charcoal Brown   PMS Warm Gray 11C
Steel Blue   PMS 444
Cool Gray   PMS cool gray 5
Stone   PMS 402
Brown   PMS 161

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