Molecular & Life Sciences

Project Manager: Robert Schmidt
Architect: Payette Associates, Inc.
Project Description: New construction / Adaptive reuse / Demolition
Construction Start Date: to be determined
Current Status: Planning / Design for 2012 Projects
Project Details:

Following the decision in January of 2009 to place the construction of a new multi-wing Molecular & Life Science Building (MLSB) on indefinite hold, a comprehensive plan was developed for upgrading the existing science facilities (principally Hall-Atwater and Shanklin Laboratories). The major elements of the plan include:

  • Updating all Hall Atwater and Shanklin life safety systems including fire sprinklers and alarm systems
  • Improving indoor air quality in Hall Atwater
  • Renovating all teaching labs in Hall Atwater original to the building
  • Creating new shared research and teaching equipment and work zones
  • Renovating of new and existing faculty research labs that are original to the building