Accessible PDFs

Creating an Accessible PDF

PDF files are typically created in Word, PowerPoint, or another program and converted to PDF, rather than being created with Acrobat. Therefore, the accessibility of the PDF will depend on the accessibility of the original document.

Before you save your file as a PDF, ensure that your original document is designed accessibly. You can access step-by-step instructions through WebAIM. 

To be accessible, your document should include the following specific design features: 

Converting Documents to PDF and Verifying Accessibility

There are several ways to convert a document into PDF. View the tutorial for converting documents to PDF.

Checking the accessibility of a PDF document requires Adobe Acrobat Professional.  Creating a fully accessible PDF requires several steps which are outlined in the WebAIM tutorial for Acrobat Accessibility. The WebAIM tutorial also includes information around the built-in Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Checker.

PDF Form Accessibility

Additional steps are required to create an accessible PDF form. Both WebAIM and Adobe provide step-by-step information for this process.


Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Guides

WebAIM - Full PDF Accessibility Tutorial