Bringing Project Based Learning to Introductory and Breadth Courses

We are inviting instructors of high-demand, introductory and/or breadth courses at AALAC partner schools to attend a 1.5 day meeting focused on transforming lecture-based curriculum into rich, project-based learning experiences. Work will emphasize data and research-driven projects particularly suitable for large enrollment courses in the social sciences and related fields that do not typically include a laboratory component.


postponed until June 2021

LOCATION: Wesleyan University

If you would like to attend, please use this link to complete the following pre-workshop survey by April 1.

Additional Information:

We recognize that there has been a great deal of wonderful work surrounding active learning opportunities in introductory and breadth courses. Our focus however will be specifically on projects, that is, learning opportunities that engage students in solving real-world problems or answering a complex question and resulting in meaningful learning artifacts that can be shared with diverse audiences.

The collaborative effort will focus on:

  1. Sharing current projects used in our courses;
  2. Developing new projects that capitalize on data, technology, video storytelling, etc.;
  3. Pooling effort and resources around “flipping” the classroom in order to protect in-class time for project-based work.

The goal of the meeting is for each instructor to return to their home institution with a plan for incorporating a meaningful project into their high-demand introductory course. We also hope that the meeting will create a network of faculty for ongoing collaboration around project-based learning.

We hope that you will join us!

Feel free to direct questions to Lisa Dierker (, Katherine White (, Cindy Frantz ( or Richard Lewis (