Blended/Hybrid Instruction

In a blended/hybrid course, online contact displaces some portion of the required contact hours that would normally take place in a scheduled face-to-face course. Contact includes instruction, learning activities, and interactions (both student-student and/or student-instructor).

The practice of blended learning is one that presents part of the learning experience in a digital format. Students still attend class in a physical location but are also expected to engage media content on their own time outside of class and at their own pace. The digital media does not take the place of in-class instruction; instead it works in conjunction with the classroom experience to allow students the ability to have better control over their level of understanding. Students should be able to better articulate their understanding of content in the classroom setting as a result of the integration of classroom instruction and online learning.

Some methods for presenting online material and interaction in a blended learning setting are:

  • participation in online discussion forums that continue conversation from the classroom.

  • periodic postings to class wikis or blogs.

  • online video chats in between classroom meetings.

BlendKit Course 2016

The BlendKit course is made available through a collaboration between the University of Central Florida and EDUCAUSE. The course is offered as a MOOC and provides information and resources to those who are seeking to effectively teach and design blended learning courses. Below are some links for readings offered in the BlendKit Course 2016. 

Understanding Blended Learning

Blended Interactions

Blended Assessments of Learning

Blended Content and Assignments

Quality Assurance in Blended Learning