Presentation Development Mentors

Ella Miodownik '20

I am a Visual Art / Molecular Biology & Biochemistry double major in my final year at Wes. I love to explore the potential ways to combine science and art—one of which is presentations! I also enjoy writing poetry, watercolor, and cooking.
Ella Miodownik

Serena Rusk '20

I am a senior double majoring in Biology and Science in Society and pursuing the Informatics and Modelling Certificate. I love giving presentations because I am a way better verbal communicater than a written communicator. I love working with people on presentation delivery because I really do think public speaking is a skill that can be learned. I am also interested in working on aspects of visual design in presentations, so come schedule an appointment with me if you want to do that together!
Serena Rusk

Syed Hussain '21

I am a junior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in American Government and Environmental Studies. I am interested in the intersect of racial, economic, and environmental justice and considering law school as a way to pursue these interests. I also play on Wesleyan's club rugby team and am a spirituality and sustainability intern at the Resource Center!
Syed Hussain

Maren Westgard '22

I am a sophomore studying Dance and Psychology. Outside of academics, I am involved with Second Stage, ASHA, and climate action here at Wes. My love of performing may explain why I enjoy presentations so much, and as a mentor, I hope to spread my appreciation of presentations to others.
Maren Westgard