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Creative Campus Website Current Staff

Creative Campus Bloggers: Michelle Agresti '14, Katherine Clifford '14, Aletta Brady '15, Emma Gross '15, Rebecca Seidel '15
Creative Campus Website Coordinator: Alex Hunt '13
Center for the Arts Press & Marketing Manager: Andrew Chatfield

Creative Campus Website Former Staff

Katherine Bascom '10, Barbara Fenig '11, Elizabeth Holden '11, Allison Hurd '11, Sarah Wolfe '12, Hannah Cressy '13, Shira Engel '14, John Chelgren '15, Michael Darer '15.

Development Team

Wesleyan Center for the Arts: John Elmore, Art Director; Adam Kubota, Press and Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager; Wolasi Konu, private consultant; Pamela Tatge, Center for the Arts Director

Wesleyan ITS: Jennifer Carlstrom, Lead Designer; Melissa Datre, Director of the New Media Lab; Pat Leone, World Wide Web Administrator

Faculty/Staff: David Beveridge, Michelle Myers-Brown, Timothy Shiner, Jolee West, Melissa Datre, Patricia Leone, Michael Pernick, Nicole Stanton, Su Zheng, J. Seeley, Michael Whaley, Richard Culliton, Nancy Meiselahn, Sonia Mañjon, Mark Bailey, Jessica Carso, Clare Rogan, Patrick Dowdey, Pamela Tatge, Charles Salas, Bill Carbone

Students: Mark McCloughan, Asa Horvitz, Alexandra Provo, Rachel Pincus, Nathaniel Leich, Hyo Yang, Rebecca Weiss

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The Creative Campus Website is made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

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