What is Creative Campus?

The Creative Campus Initiative is a project of Wesleyan's Center for the Arts.  The Center for the Arts’ (CFA) mission is to catalyze creativity in the Wesleyan community and in the community-at-large by engaging them in the dynamic work of diverse artists. The CFA understands art to be an essential lens through which to see and know the world and hence fundamental to a liberal arts education. The CFA seeks to elevate the place of art, artists and the artistic process at Wesleyan and to innovatively strengthen teaching, student learning, artmaking and cross-disciplinary exchange and inquiry.

The CFA has developed four goals associated with its Creative Campus Initiative:

  1. Provide arts experiences for students that illuminate issues of cultural and societal concern.
  2. Allow students to integrate disparate arts research and practice into their work in other disciplines.
  3. Provide non-arts faculty with new pedagogical tools that involve integration of artistic research methods and modes of inquiry.
  4. Support generative artists in theater, music and dance (both faculty artists and visiting artists) who work with scholars and materials in non-arts areas in ways that will advance the artists’ own research and extend the arts into new areas of campus curricular and co-curricular life.

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Creative Campus

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