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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Click here to download the MiddletownRemix Festival Schedule and Map (opens as a pdf


After a year of exploring, sharing, and remixing the sounds of Middletown on the MiddletownRemix website,  the city's acoustic identity was celebrated at a festival that featured 4 world premieres of works commissioned for the festival, 3 live DJ sets, 2 art/sound installations, a laptop orchestra, food trucks, graffiti art, a gallery walk, and a flash mob performance. Participants were also able to enter into a raffle to win MiddletownRemix prizes at each festival station!

Master of Ceremonies: DJ Arun Ranganathan


Festival Stations

Remix Sound Stage - In front of It's Only Natural Market, 575 Main Street


Festivalgoers were able to listen to Middletown DJs remix the sounds of Middletown at this festival station. The master of ceremonies DJ Arun Ranganathan, and Wesleyan student DJs Coral Foxworth '15 and William Brewster Lee '13, performed their remixes commissioned for the festival. Read about DJ Arun and his remix in this blog by Aletta Brady '15. Listen to remixes DJ Arun Ranganathan and DJ William Brewster Lee '13 on the Center for the Arts SoundCloud page.

The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center - 605 Main Street


Featured photographs by Dortha Willetts and sculpture by Bob Farace as part of the North End Gallery Walk.


Camera Obscura Art/Sound Installation


Camera Obscura is a 16' X 8' “camera,” created by Middletown artists Joe McCarthy and Peter Albano and commissioned for the festival. The environment inside this installation “recomposes” the sights and sounds of the festival, leaving you with the notion that your perspective of the world is powerfully influenced by the lens through which you choose to view it. Read this blog by Aletta Brady '15 to learn more. Photograph courtesy of Joe McCarthy.


Community Health Center of Middletown - 675 Main Street


Lighthouse, beside the point, was a world premiere sound installation by Wesleyan University Professor of Music Ronald Kuivila commissioned for the festival, in the beautiful glass pavilion atop the Community Health Center. Participants listened to the sounds of Middletown while seeing the city from an entirely different angle. Read more about this project in a blog by Michelle Agresti '14.


MAC 650 Gallery – 650 Main Street


MAC 650 hosted a “Hear More, See More Photography Exhibition,” curated by Carolyn Reeves, President of the MAC 650 Artist Coop, as part of the North End Gallery Walk. The photographic tribute to Middletown featured images from novices to professionals, and shows a variety of shots of the city.


David Tudor's Rainforest IV Installation


Participants were immersed in David Tudor's Rainforest IV (1973), reconstructed by Wesleyan University music students under the direction of University Professor of Music Ronald Kuivila - an environment filled with found objects transformed into loudspeakers. Read more about this project in a blog by Michelle Agresti '14.


Sounds Like Graffiti 


Connecticut graffiti artist Ryan Christenson of RC Murals created and demonstrated graffiti artwork inspired by the Greater Middletown Community.


Green Street Arts Center - 51 Green Street


Wesleyan student's performed the world premiere of MTRX (2012) by Jason Freeman of UrbanRemix, commissioned for the festival and performed by the University's Toneburst Laptop & Electronic Arts Ensemble, directed by Assistant Professor of Music Paula Matthusen, at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. Read more about MTRX (2012) in the blog by Michelle Agresti '14. The Green Street Arts Center also displayed a year-end exhibition of works created by afterschool students as part of the North End Gallery Walk.


Middletown Framing - 502 Main Street


Middletown Framing also participated in the North End Gallery Walk by exhibiting a show related to the sounds of Middletown.


Projected World Experience Art/Sound Installation


Participants were surrounded with video, animation and MiddletownRemix sounds in this temporary, site-specific installation created by Middletown resident Marc Pettersen in conjunction with animation artist Cheryl Elliott and DJ and video artist Matt Weston, and commissioned for the festival using multiple projectors, mirrors and speakers. Read more about this project in the blog by Michelle Agresti '14.


Ursel's Web - 140 Washington Street


Ursel's Web featered work from the Middletown Art Guild as part of the North End Gallery Walk.


Flash Mob Dance


Festivalgoers made sure not to miss a flash mob dance at 2:30pm, choreographed by Wesleyan student Kelsey Siegel '13 and performed to a hip-hop soundtrack created by DJ Arun Ranganathan incorporating sounds from MiddletownRemix. Participants learned the dance by watching this instructional video, and then performed on the day of the event. Read this blog by Aletta Brady '15 to learn more.


"MiddletownRemix: Hear More, See More – A Festival of Art and Sound" was presented by Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts and Green Street Arts Center; made possible with support from the Connecticut Office of the Arts, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Middletown Commission on the Arts; and in partnership with the City of Middletown, Middletown Public Schools, WESU 88.1FM, Community Health Center of Middletown, It's Only Natural Market, MAC 650 Gallery, Middletown Framing, North End Action Team, NoRA Cupcake Company, and The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center, and the Middletown Relations Committee of the Wesleyan Student Association. The festival is also part of the year-long campus and community-wide exploration “Music & Public Life.”

MiddletownRemix is a collaborative, place-based sound project that enables people to develop and express the acoustic identity of greater Middletown. Want to record and contribute your own sounds, or create a remix? You still can! Click here for more details, and to get the free UrbanRemix app for iPhone/iOS and Android devices.

Special thanks to the many people who helped make this festival possible: Stephan Allison, Anne-Marie Cannata, Carrie Carella, Cassandra Day, Armida Espaillat, Marco Gaylord, Lee Godburn, Izzi Greenberg, Ann Grasso, Aldon Hynes, Bobbye Knoll, Mark Masselli, Christopher Pollack, Carolyn Reeves, Joseph Samolis, Don and Ann Marie Sataline, and Pierre Sylvain.

Thank you to the Wesleyan University staff and students: Barbara Ally, Claire Aletta Brady, Andrew Chatfield, John Elmore, Alecia Goldfarb, Gabriela De Golia, Sewon Kang, Ronald Kuivila, Cathy Lechowicz, Sara MacSorley, Paula Matthusen, Benjamin Michael, Jacob Musinsky, Hanna Oravec, Erinn Roos-Brown, Robert Russo, Croy Salinas, Leigh Stewart, Pamela Tatge, and Avery Trufelman.

Photographs courtesy of Nick Lacey.


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