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What is MiddletownRemix?

MiddletownRemix is a collaborative, place-based sound project that enables participants to develop and express the acoustic identity of Greater Middletown, and to explore and experience the soundscapes of the city. We are collaborating to create a sound portrait of Middletown using technology and create art together as a community. Our hope is to create a rich database of Greater Middletown sounds and develop a project that invites collaboration city-wide, inspires intentional listening that challenges or changes perceptions of the city and reveals the composer within everyone. We believe that if people listen deeply, they will see more. 


You can start GATHERING SOUNDS in 3 easy steps!

  1. Sign-up for free and select the “Middletown” project
  2. Download the free app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone
  3. Start recording!


What should I record?

You can record any sound you like, whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Here are monthly theme ideas and Middletown sites to help you get started:

Children (September)                   Connecticut River
Elections (October)                      North End
Community (November)               Main Street
Holiday (December)                     Hospitals
Rhythmic (January)
Feelings/Emotions (February)
Weird (March)
Forgotten/Lost (April)
Natural (May)  

So I’ve recorded my sound. Now what?

Before you upload your sound, you have the options of tagging it and taking a photo. Follow the instructions on your digital device to do this. Then upload your sound either through your cell phone internet service or save all of your recordings and upload them from a wi-fi hot spot. If you want to share your sound on Facebook or Twitter (@WesCFA #MTownRemix), go the website and click on the “share this” icon located just below each sound file.

Putting the Sounds to Work

What’s a Remix? 

The UrbanRemix website gives you the option to explore all the sounds that have been recorded so far. Use the map application to create new soundscapes and remixes by simply drawing on the map. The program is compatible with web browsers on any Windows or Mac computer. To make things more interesting, you can add multiple paths. Each new path adds a new audio track. Then use the controls on each path’s display to control how they sound in the mix. If you want to share your remix on Facebook or Twitter (@WesCFA #MTownRemix) go the website and click the “share this” icon.

For a detailed tutorial on how to remix, visit

Mixing Off the Site

I really enjoy remixing the sounds, but I want to do more with it. How can I do that?

If you are really enjoying the remixing element, but feel like you could do more if you could only access your iTunes, digital photo album or other items on your computer then you should download your remix to a computer and continue to mix on another platform, such as GarageBand, with other sounds, music, images or video not available on the Urban Remix website.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create a sound portrait of your favorite Middletown places
  • Put a poem or song to sound
  • Mix sounds with musical track
  • Design your own walking tour of Middletown

Be sure to let us know by posting the link to the Center for the Arts Facebook page or tweet us (@WesCFA #MTownRemix).

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